10 Easy Cardio Dance Videos You Can Do In Your Living Room

When I think about the middle school dances and bar and bat mitzvahs that I've been to, most of my memories are of running around drenched in sweat like an insane person on the dance floor. I was living like a prepubescent Richard Simmons, and working out really hard accidentally. Classical dance techniques are art forms that take years of training, but luckily, dancing like nobody's watching can be just as good of a workout and doesn't require a formal education or a dance floor, for that matter.
While these sort of cardio aerobic dance moves may not score you a date in middle school or attention at the clerb, they are just as effective, which is great if you hate the treadmill or cardio in general. There are tons of boutique fitness studios that offer cardio dance classes — like 305 Fitness, AKT In Motion, or even Zumba — but no matter how dimly-lit the studio is, you still might feel intimidated to let loose and twerk in front of strangers and mirrors. And that is totally understandable.
Thanks to the internet, there are tons of free dance workouts on YouTube that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Some are tutorials for specific music video choreography (Bieber's "Sorry," for example), but others are just made up on the spot by a choreographer, and they're all really fun. Swallow your pride, find a space to jump around in your house, and follow along to these dance cardio videos. A 5, 6, 7, 8...
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Intense cardio

Strong by Zumba is slightly more challenging than regular Zumba, and it involves much less choreography. In this workout, you'll do high-intensity intervals of plyometric exercises and cardio dance moves for 20 minutes.
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Simple strength-training

This 30-minute dance cardio routine incorporates lots of repetitive strength movements, kind of like what you'd do in a barre class, just without the barre. Expect to feel the burn, especially in your arms and legs.
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Step by step choreography

If it takes you a while to learn moves, this video builds on one long routine (as opposed to throwing the whole thing at you) at a manageable pace. Plus, the instructor gives you tips to make it easier or harder as you go along.
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Fast feet

Don't let the energy of this fast-paced routine freak you out; the dancers on the sides will show you how to modify the choreography. As long as you keep moving (you can lose the choreography and just bop) to the beat of Lizzo's "Phone," you can't lose.
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Cool Zumba

Zumba is the OG of dance cardio workouts, and it's still really fun. There's nothing old school or lame about this full-length Zumba class.
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Mix-and-match moves

Bookmark this page, because these basic dance moves can be re-purposed on the dance floor of the next wedding you attend. The instructor, Shaun T, used to be a back-up dancer for Mariah Carey, so you know he's legit.
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Unlike the intricate, synchronized dance scenes in Bollywood movies, these steps are easy to pick up and follow along. There's a lot of squatting, so you've been warned.
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Bieber back-up dancers

If you've never tried to do the Justin Bieber "Sorry" dance... I think you're lying. This choreography repeats itself over and over with the chorus and verse, so it's worth watching once so you know what you're in for.
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Beginner hip-hop

This Meghan Trainor-themed Zumba and hip hop tutorial is easy to follow along with, and the choreography sticks to the rhythm pretty clearly — so even if you miss a step, you can pick it up easily.
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Little Mix dance

There's lots of jumping and squatting mixed into this Little Mix dance routine. And hey, we all need an excuse to fist-pump to "Shout Out To My Ex" every now and then.

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