"Never Have I Ever": How To Dress For Your First Fashion Week

Even though we like to think we’ve been there and done that, there are certain life events that even our most experienced editors have yet to encounter. In this, our ultimate style guide was born. We’ve enlisted the help of a few R29ers to bring you useful shopping tips that’ll prep your closet for every major milestone, so you’re never left saying, “What do I wear?”
"Just a few short years ago, Fashion Week seemed to me like a mythical occurrence — an event that was so far out of my realm of possibility that I didn't even bother to waste the precious moments of my youth daydreaming about what I'd wear to a real, live runway show. But, fast-forward to the present, and I'm working in an environment where Fashion Week is happening all around me. In truth, wardrobe wise, I'm totally unprepared to set foot in Lincoln Center. Throw in the fact that I'd be covering shows (read: running around balancing a notebook, voice recorder, and whatever else I assume a serious journalist must carry), and I'm at a major loss. Help!"
—Dianna Mazzone, beauty intern
Click through for quick tips on how to get through your first Fashion Week — from the street-style photographers to the after-parties — in style.