The Absolute Best Gifts For Every Astrological Sign

Knowing someone's sun sign will never tell you their whole story, but, during the holiday season, when all you want is to avoid being the person who gives everyone gift cards, even a sliver of astrological info can help you pick the perfect gift.
That is not to say that every Cancer wants the same, exact scarf. Rather, knowing that someone is a Cancer can streamline your search process. For example, their Crabby identity suggests that they probably want something cozy that encourages them to spend the day indoors — and not some newfangled gadget.
Regardless of your sign, the holiday shopping season can pose all sorts of challenges. It doesn't help that Mercury will be entering its last retrograde of the year on December 3. In other words, get your shopping done early, stargazers, and save yourself an online ordering mixup or five.
Ahead, find out what you should be gifting to every member of the Zodiac.

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