8 Universally Flattering Styling Tricks From ASOS' New Plus-Size Lookbook

Among the many things there is to love about ASOS is the diversity of shapes and sizes it accommodates with all its different lines. In fact, the only time this level of inclusivity doesn't want to make us celebrate is when we see something adorable, only to realize it's a Tall/Petite/Curve/Maternity "exclusive." (Cue heart-sink.)

Luckily for us, the style inspiration from the brand's expertly composed lookbooks isn't limited to just one body type. Take ASOS Curve's fall lookbook, for example — the U.K. online giant reached across the pond and tapped blogger GabiFresh to style and model the items, and the end result has us itching to try out some new tricks. Click ahead for eight styling ideas that are universally flattering, no matter if you're "straight-size," tall, petite, curvy, expecting — or some combination of all those.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Mixing statement textures works just like mixing prints.
One surefire avenue to print-mixing success is making sure that both patterns have at least one color in common. The same applies to mixing textures. Multicolored sequins and a snake print might otherwise be too much together, but the oxblood in both the dress and the boots makes for a harmonious look that's just right.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Snakeskin is a neutral.
Wear gray snakeskin the same way you used to wear brown leopard spots. The pattern goes with most colors, textures, and shapes, and is a whole lot more interesting than your basic black boot.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
You can dress head to toe in statement pieces, but dial back on everything else.
A shaggy faux-fur coat and colorblocked ankle booties might seem like a lot of look, especially when you wear them together, but if you do just those items, they can complement each other's theatricality and still look restrained. The mock-neck dress underneath is in a solid color, a simple shape, and doesn't distract from all the other fabulousness going on.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Mixing statement colors? Echoed shapes will work in your favor.
Besides the obvious fun of a coat-and-bag matching set, the lemony and aquamarine colors here work together because the two pieces both have a sort of soft A-line shape, in the form of a zippered skirt and a capelet draped over Gabi's shoulders.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Shape Season-shift with a few key accessories.
That breezy floral maxidress you've been wearing all season? We know you won't want to let it go when temperatures drop. Take this summer staple straight into fall with a pair of wintry dark suede boots and a furry clutch. The dark neutrals of the acessories also sober up the bright colors usually associated with the warmer months.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
A belt can make a sweatdress right for evening.
All you have to do to start wearing your sweaters as soon as October hits (we know we can't wait to dig into our knits again) is leave your legs bare and tie a belt over an oversized version. Voila! You've got a dress.
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Keep red and blue from looking costumey by looking toward the ’70s.
When doing red and blue, the trick is to go for natural jewel tones. The cornflower-blue sweater here matches the muted orange-red skirt in a way that doesn't scream "I'm dressed like a flag!"
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Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
Think stars and stripes.
Speaking of flags..."stars and stripes" is a phrase we often hear but rarely think about in the context of fashion. Clearly, we've been missing out!

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