More Diverse, Gender-Inclusive Emoji Are Coming In iOS 10

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Today, Apple announced some huge news: New emoji are coming in iOS 10 this fall.

When the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system arrives (likely in September), everyone’s favorite keyboard is getting 100 new and redesigned icons. While we’ve been hearing rumors about new emoji for most of the summer, Apple finally gave us a sneak peek of what some of them will look like.

The new update includes a whole collection of female athletes and professionals, more modern family dynamics, and a rainbow flag. Google first proposed the idea of these female emoji earlier this year, and they were approved by the Unicode Consortium in mid July. Last year we got new skin tones, and now we’re getting gender inclusivity.

Until recently, our emoji options have seriously lacked diversity and underrepresented women. As much as we love the hair flip, we need strong female images that show that women are a lot more than brides and princesses. It’s 2016, we have a woman presidential nominee, and we should be able to talk about it using our favorite platform.

The keyboard won't be released until September. But until then, you can take a look at the some of the sweet characters you can expect to see. (And here are some other great emoji keyboards you can use while you wait.)
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
It's too bad we won't have this one in time for the Olympics.
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It's not just guys who enjoy a game of hoops.
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It's hard to believe we don't have a female runner emoji yet.
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At least the default term for a person who works in construction is already gender-neutral.
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Blue Crush, anyone?
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Single-Mom Family
Only unusual in the emoji universe, as it stands right now.
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Single-Dad Family
Dads can be single parents, too.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Mountain Biker
A day out in the woods shredding trails — yes, please.
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Female detectives are not hard to come by (especially in the literary universe).
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The perfect CrossFit emoji is now here.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Rainbow Flag
Yes, yes, 100 times yes.

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