Anna Sheffield On Her Fave S.F. Spots, Jewelry Trends, & More

One glance at any of jewelry wiz Anna Sheffield’s sparkling, distinct designs and it’s easy to understand why she has heaps of women lining up to get their mitts on her unique bling. Her ultra-impressive engagement pieces are a non-traditional bride's dream come true and even if wedding bells aren't top of mind, her cool creations are a sight to see. That’s why we headed up to newly opened shop No.3 to pick the designer's brain and chat it up about her S.F. visit. To see what this bauble expert has to say about the city, jewel trends, and her NYC style, keep reading!
What are some of the main attributes of the Anna Sheffield woman?
"I like to think of the design elements that I incorporate to have that dichotomy that all woman I feel have, where there’s a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of salty, or spicy, or edge. The thing that I try to accomplish with every single ring, and in particular the bridal rings, is that it has some element so it’s not too effeminate, but is still feminine. It’s not too antique-y, but it’s not too modern."
You have three amazing lines, all very different, but what are some of the common characteristics you see in all of them?
"My background was in fine arts. I definitely try to achieve something that’s a little bit off, a little bit aside from perfect. I like the idea of setting a beautiful diamond upside down or doing a pavè-d frame around a ring where not every diamond is the same size — or using colored diamonds, or black diamonds. I want something that makes them look completely unique without being over-designed or overtly weird."
What are some trends you’re seeing in jewelry right now that you’re loving?
"We work with rose gold a lot, which I’ve been doing since I launched Bing Bang. I love it. It’s such a beautiful color, and it works for so many different skin tones. I also love mixing metals and stacking rings, too. I’ve been seeing more people open to that in their personal jewelry as well as their bridal and commitment jewelry, so I make a lot of things that nest together and things you can do really easily with mixed metals. I like the idea of being able to wear rose, yellow, or white."
On the flipside, what are some trends you’re not feeling?
"For me, personally, I don’t wear a lot of statement jewelry. I’m more into pieces that are more delicate with an overall appeal, but I do like it on other people. I’m a tattooed lady, so I look funny in giant necklaces. I’m itty-bitty and covered in tattoos, so big jewelry is not my personal style. It’s not something I design a lot of or wear."
You studied here in San Francisco, what are some of your favorite places to go when you come visit?
"I love Potrero Hill for the view. When I was going to school here, I lived in a warehouse in the Dogpatch area, so walking that hill and looking back at the Bay and over downtown, I feel like it’s a little jewel, and it’s usually sunny right there. And, I definitely like the food. I go to the Indian Oven every time I come here, and all my friends are like ‘Oh my god, I haven’t been there since the last time you were here!’ But it’s a really good place to eat when you’re in the Lower Haight. I love it."
Do you feel like your style changed when you moved from the West to East coast?
"New York has a way with everything from spaces to time that makes you minimize because you live in a tiny apartment and are busy and working all the time. You have to be able to go from work to an event, so I feel like you sort of pare down and steep your style because what you do everyday is like what you’re going to do all day. I’m much more streamlined in my aesthetics than how I used to dress. I also try to have fun with it."
What's next for you and your brands?
"I’m always collaborating, which is fun. I’ve done a lot of collaborating with both Bing Bang and with my fine jewelry line. We have some big surprises for the beginning of next year with the bridal and the fine jewelry lines. We do have a Bing Bang collaboration coming out really soon with one of the Instagram and fashion bloggers that we know who’s based in New York. That will be launching in the next month or so. I can let you know that we’re doing the collab with We Wear What. It’s going to be super cute! It’ll have lots of little knuckle rings, different stacking ring sets, things that we worked with her and made exclusively. Her name’s Danielle, and she’s got epic style, and is legitimately one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met through fashion."
Photo: Via Mindy Best

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