Mixing Converse Kicks Into This Boho Wardrobe Is Easier Than You'd Think

Converse_grid_AmyPhoto: Via @asoderlind; Designed by Gabriela Alford.
Amy Soderlind's blog may be called Refuses to Label, but that moniker extends way past her online musings and into her life. Not only does the 28-year-old, Sonoma-based stylist and blogger have killer boho-chic style, but she also moonlights as an organic farmer, jewelry designer, and wanderlust-inducing traveler. Can we trade lives, pretty please?
So, when our friends at Converse tasked Soderlind to create a totally true-to-her-style look with the new black-leather Weapon Zip Converse sneakers for a Rubber Tracks concert at Slim's, we had every bit of confidence that she'd nail it. Oh yeah, and she also surprised us with her ear-candy playlist inspired by the brand's Rock Craft sneaker — told ya this gal was on-point. Just check it out below!
So, tell us the story behind your blog.
"I started Refuses to Label while living in San Francisco and going to grad school. I was surrounded by people that made me think differently than I ever had. I was inspired to start sharing my random thoughts, even if I was the only one who read it. It never was intended to focus on fashion, style, or any one thing. [It] was always about whatever moved me in the moment."
What do you love most about blogging and music?
"I love that my blog is mine and just that. I write for myself, not for anyone else. I only write about what I believe in, whether it's a particular line of sweats or a particular breed of broccoli. I love digging and searching for inspiration, images, tunes, and designers, and sharing it on a platform that's my very own. I imagine musicians feel the same way about their music and songwriters with their lyrics. You write for you, and lo and behold, other like-minded people resonate. Music can change the way you feel in a matter of seconds, bring back smells from childhood, and make you get up and move! What else has all that capability wrapped up in one package?"
How does music influence your personal style?
"Old rock-'n'-roll will forever have my heart. Music sets the tone for any style of dress — there is a musical genre that gives roots. If I put Joni or Janis on the record player, I absolutely will feel inclined to put on a velvet-embroidered jacket and high-waisted jeans. Style and music are completely married and intertwined. A beautiful marriage, indeed — they work independently but are completely influential on one another."
Speaking of music, you recently attended the Converse Rubber Tracks Live. Who was your favorite artist to watch?
"Watching Kylesa! I never listen to metal and certainly have never seen any live. It was an experience. I got lost watching them and the intricacies of their characters. Ruby [the] Hatchet — totally my speed of music. I need a little harmony mixed in, just about how I always like it."
This is a rather unexpected-yet-fun combo with the Rock Craft sneakers, give us a breakdown behind this look.
"These shoes needed a bit of bohemian ease to feel at home on me, and the great thing about these shoes is that they really would go with anything. The jumper is by Scotch & Soda. I can wear it morning, noon, or night — cold weather or hot. It breathes, and it's loose. I'm literally wearing glorified pajamas. I always bring a hat to concerts, as it tends to get chilly. These glasses are my favorites — old, vintage Lennon glasses from the '60s. They are a bit rusty and creaky, but I wear them nonetheless. I could throw a jacket on over this [and] belt it. [Add a] scarf or even tights underneath for super-cold nights."
What do you love most about these Converse steppers?
"Comfort comes first in my book — always. These Converses mold to the feet. You can leave them open and loose, or tie 'em up snug. The zipper detailing on the side gives a bit of rock edge. A total universal sneaker that even the girliest of girls could rock (if they just gave it a go). Ripped-up jeans and an old vintage tee; a fun, printed minidress with a sock and a vest; harem trousers and a white tank. You could go super-feminine and have these shoes help balance it out or complete tomboy."
Well, you rocked the style portion of this challenge pretty easily. But, here's the hard part: Can you curate some songs that bring out the playful and versatile Rock Craft spirit?

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