Lazy-Girl Beauty Never Looked So Good

As much as we love our cosmetics, there are days — specifically of the no-sleep-too-much-to-drink variety —when just the very thought of attempting a carefully crafted look makes us feel exhausted. But, wearing less makeup doesn't have to mean sacrificing the impact of our look. On the contrary, a minimally made-up face means more opportunity to make bold statements. That's good news for all the self-identified lazy girls, too (ourselves included).

Don't believe us? Picture your best no-makeup makeup look (whether that involves actually going bare-faced or not — we don't judge). Now, add one bold color to it, anywhere on your face. Whether you grab a bright-red lipstick or a multidimensional blue eyeshadow, that product's going to pop a whole lot more than if you had created a fully contoured, heavy look to go with it.

So, in that spirit, we asked makeup artist Mari Shten to help us maximize the boldness of our beauty statements while minimizing the amount of products we use. Click through to see proof that less really is more.

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Into The Blue
Blue eyeshadow may be having a moment right now, but this is one hue that tends to walk the line between classy and campy. Minimal face makeup will ensure it stays chic — be sure to choose a bold, opaque color rather than a wash of something translucent.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
"To create the deepest color possible, I like to layer products with different textures," says Shten. "For this look, apply a cream shadow with a flat brush in the shape you want, and then lightly apply a powder shadow in the same color on top, making sure to blend the edges." She notes that this will also make the shadow last longer.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Red Alert
Red lipstick, we just can't quit you — nor are we trying to. We've always loved the idea of wearing a bold red lip and not much else, but we never really felt completely confident doing so. That is, until now.

Kenzo Top.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Here's a great trick Shten taught us: "After you put the lipstick on, use an angled brush to apply concealer around the edges of your lips. That way, you'll conceal any redness in your skin and make sure the line is perfect." She notes that, in general, "red lips need perfect skin," so be sure to cover up any other redness as well. Other than that, this color really speaks for itself — you don't even need to wear blush.

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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Spider Lashes
In case you haven't noticed, we love a clumpy lash. It's an easy look to achieve, as long as you have a creamy, black mascara and a bit of patience.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
"Just keep applying layers of mascara without brushing the clumps out," explains Shten, who says you'll need at least five coats to achieve this level of spidery goodness. "The last and most important step is to take the tip of the brush, with a ton of mascara on it, and use it to place product on the tips of your lashes." Shten says to do this on both the top and the bottom lashes.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Are You Blushing?
Blush is the underdog of bold beauty statements, but that makes wearing it even more eye-catching. Grab a bright hue like this red or a hot pink, and then smile — about the product and so the apples of your cheeks are visible. "The brightest spot should be in the middle of the apples of your cheeks," Shten says.

Topshop Top.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
"Blend it outward in a circular motion up your cheekbone, stopping parallel to the top of your ear," says Shten, who notes that you shouldn't blend it too close to your nose. "If the look is too severe, blend some powder over the blush to tone it down."
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Gold Is The New Bold
Sure, you could do a bold brow and call it a day. But, why not do a gold brow instead?
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
For this look, Shten brushed a cream bronze shadow over our model's brows and then used a flat eyeshadow brush to add a coppery bronze pigment over it. "If you have very dark hair, brush a warm-toned brow gel through," she suggests. Shten chose a bronze gold to match our model's skin tone but recommends trying a more yellow gold if you have lighter skin. The final, important factor for wearing these brows? Confidence.

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