Here's How To Save $$ On Food Without Changing Your Routine

The seasons are a-changing. (Or at least they should be.) Spring is fast approaching and what we really want is to go full starfish on a warm sandy beach somewhere. But vacations cost major cash — major cash that we didn't necessarily do the best job of saving this winter.

Sure, we all want to cut down on costs — especially when it comes to our weekly food budget. But, if we're being really honest, we're not always the best at actually making those money-saving changes when it requires making big adjustments to our usual routines. So, how exactly does one save without really doing anything at all? Does such a thing exist? Can it be done?! Well we're here to share with you there are some saving tips that require little to no actual effort. The trick is finding ways to make minor shifts within your already established food spending habits. You won't save as fast as you would if you cut out any of these costs altogether, but every dollar counts!

That's right, we won't be telling you to up your cooking-at-home-chef-skills or suggesting that you turn into a total hermit and swear off drinking and dining out. (Although, if you want to take a more extreme approach, both of those ideas will produce results!) Instead, these eight tips will teach you how to pinch some extra pennies while still staying within your Seamless and Sunday brunch comfort zones.

Work Lunch

Not everyone is blessed with the Sunday food-prep, lunch-packing gene — so for those who Seamless, GrubHub, Postmate, or what have you, work week lunch orders can seriously add up. An easy fix? Don't cancel the order altogether, just find a lunch buddy and make that solo order a group effort to cut down on delivery fees. Or skip the delivery altogether and walk to pick that bagged lunch up.
Happy Hour

Yes, we could tell you to save money by skipping weeknight drinks altogether — but, we won't. Instead limit yourself to fewer nights a week, and only hit up those places with major happy hour deals (half-price drinks can go a long way in the savings department).
Grocery Shopping

We've all got to do it at some point or another — but when we're on a budget, it's helpful to actually check out the coupon options for your grocery store of choice. You never know what two-for-one specials might save you! Plus, there are plenty of websites and apps out there (such as that will do the work for you.
Snack Time

Instead of splurging on your weekly snack haul, first check your cabinet's stock for leftover goodies you can creatively combine.

Suggesting a home-cooked brunch with friends could seem like too much of an extra effort, so instead we'll suggest a "brown-bag brunch." Pop over to your favorite bagel shop and have one of your pals pick up a bottle of champagne and some OJ — then meet them in the park and brown bag that brunch.
Dining Out

Yes, you can save a lot of money by simply staying in and cooking at home. But we don't want to deny you that pleasure! So instead keep an eye peeled for your favorite restaurants' weekly dinner specials ($2 taco Tuesday's? Burger and a beer deal?) — or troll Groupon for some serious steals.
Coffee Order

If brewing at home has never been an option that you'v been able to get behind, switch up your go-to morning coffee order, instead. Go for the grande latte instead of the venti mocha frapp with an extra shot of espresso. Or ask your barista is there's a hack-y way to shave down the cost off your typical drink.

Did you know that by bringing your own to-go coffee cup from home, you can shave a little bit off your morning caffeine routine? Check with your local coffee shop to make sure they reward reusable cup bringers and give it a try for extra savings without really switching things up at all.
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