The Cool Kid's Guide To Pumpkin-Carving

In case you haven't noticed, a certain squash plant has taken over planet Earth for the month of October. Its name? The mighty pumpkin. It's in your latte, on your front door, and has even made its way into your skin-care products.

Then there's pumpkin carving — arguably a competitive sport. The jack-o'-lantern you grew up carving just no longer cuts it: There are now meticulously carved, pop culture-inspired creations that wouldn't look out of place at the Met's sculpture garden.

As Halloween quickly approaches, we've rounded up 31 orange gems that are so high on artistic merit, they will get your own creative juices flowing. Click through to see how some clever crafters are taking to their X-Acto knives like Michelangelo to a paintbrush.

These Deathly Hallows pumpkins were definitely made by a huge Harry Potter fan.
You may not be able to get tickets to Hamilton, but you can show your love for Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical in pumpkin form.
So witchy.
This patterned pumpkin has an ethereal vibe.
Photo: Courtesy of Katie Mathis / Martha Stewart Living.
Hole-y pumpkin! Say cheese to this creepy-crawly creation.
A Nightmare Before Christmas scene.
Of course this Matisse pumpkin was made by an art-history website.
This Victorian-style cameo gourd is topped with a velvet bow.
With the help of a little moss and some mad carving skills, this house pumpkin was born.
Photo: Courtesy of Ted Cavanaugh / Martha Stewart Living.
We're as drawn to this butterfly pumpkin as a moth to a flame.
Stranger Things pumpkins are everywhere.
How cute is this vintage-VW gourd?
Any Disney fan will love this Tinker Bell theme.
This Instagram user honored a woman at their school by making a pumpkin with her likeness on the occasion of her retirement — what a lovely tribute.
Possibly the cutest pumpkin, ever.
Who but Martha Stewart could have created such a perfect pumpkin? It's practically written in the stars.
Anime fan? Take a cue from this 'grammer and carve out some Sailor Moon characters.
A perfect rendering of The Scream.
Quasimodo is very flattered by this artistic tribute.
Everyone's favorite emoji.
Lionel Richie says hello.
We like to think that a recording of "Happy" plays whenever you touch this pumpkin.
This rendering of Grumpy Cat is just as fed up as the model.
You're never too old for a Mickey Mouse pumpkin.
We're curious about the amount of sculpting that went into creating the dented look.
Luxury-label pumpkins are a thing.
Humanity's biggest fears and mysteries, illustrated in pumpkin format.
An angelic pumpkin.
Pumpkin insides make for a surprisingly realistic imitation of gory vomit.
A Twin Peaks-inspired design.
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