10 Foods You Can Make In A Microwave If You Still Live Like A College Student

Pardon us the hyperbole, but the microwave is nothing short of a miracle worker; it can heat up frozen burritos in minutes and warm instant oatmeal with the push of a button. In short, it is second to none when you're low on time and ready to eat.

But while we're used to microwaving certain foods like leftovers, there's a whole world of zap-friendly foods you might not have tried. Plus, for those of us who work away from home, microwaves are often the one and only way to heat up food at the office.

Ahead, 10 foods you can microwave at your office, in your dorm, or at home if preheating the oven is doing too much.

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Baked Potato
While it might not technically be baked anymore, sending a potato on a quick trip through the microwave is much faster and just as delicious. Make sure to prick it with a fork a couple of times (the threat of exploding potatoes is real) and microwave for around 4-8 minutes, flipping halfway through. You should be easily able to slide a fork or knife through it when done.
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No-Recipe Mug Cakes
Mug cakes are nothing new, and you don't really need a recipe to make one. Mix up some flour, cocoa, milk, and oil, add some baking soda (not too much or it gets bitter) or an egg to help it rise, and stir it up. Microwave for a few minutes, checking to see if it's done. Top with ice cream, and you're ready to go.
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For a sort-of-fried egg, microwave an egg in a shallow, oiled dish. If you prefer scrambled, beat the eggs and stir half-way through, then microwave more. For omelets, use a shallow dish and toss cheese in for the last 30 seconds.
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Pizza Bagels
Microwaving bagels may cause purists to raise their fists in a fury, but hear us out: unlike regular sliced bread, which will get soggy when microwaved with tomato sauce, a bagel won't. It's a great use for bagels that are just past their prime.
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Grilled Cheese
Just-a-bit stale bread is great for microwave grilled cheese. Warm it open-faced and combine the slices after microwaving.
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It's not a dinner-in-five-minutes solution, but you can microwave rice. The ratio of water to rice is the same, just use a microwave safe bowl with a lid that allows steam to escape.
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Add some water to a bowl, microwave it until its desired doneness, top with salt and pepper. Add some melted cheese at the end to make it even better. Call your mom and tell her you ate your veggies today.
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Corn On The Cob
Microwave in the husk for 3-4 minutes and the corn actually steams — and it's easier to de-husk afterward.
Pre-Made Biscuits
If buying biscuits in a tube isn't fast enough for you, try zapping them in the microwave. It is faster than the stove, and they'll still cook through. Add some microwaved eggs at the end for a quick breakfast sandwich.
Quick Rice Krispie Treats
Mix up mini marshmallows, Rice Krispies, and a few pats of butter. Microwave on low and stir if it puffs up too much. Eat with a spoon immediately for maximum enjoyment of the gooey sweetness.
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