7 Gifts Made For The Angry Men In Your Life

Right now, some men are angry and fragile. According to the Precarious Manhood Theory (yes, that’s the actual name of the theory), when men don’t feel masculine, they’re more likely to act out in stereotypical gendered ways. Watch the video on the next slide to find out why.

The reason some men might be a little sensitive right now is because the some of privileges afforded to white men for so long are slowly slipping away, such as being able to care to raise a family, buy a house and retire on one salary: their own. In a way, we can’t blame them (stick with us here…) — this is throwing off some comfy gender norms.

Remember though: Women and people of color have never really had these privileges, and it's frustrating for us, too! As feminist writer Jill Filipovic observes:

“Now that some white men are living in the reality where much of the country has always existed, they're mad — and rightfully so. In a nation of vast wealth and opportunity, it's frustrating and enraging to see your prospects restricted, and to work hard but still not make ends meet. The goal of crusaders for women's rights and racial equality has never been to race to the bottom and make more people equally worse off. It has been to improve everyone's lot, and bring those at the bottom rungs up higher.”

We looked around, and there's certainly a lot of interesting products for men out there. Take a look to see what companies think gifts for angry men look like.

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For the guy who thinks hummus is threatening, there's always Man Dip.
Nothing screams Man Cave like a candle that smells like Man Town. Likely population: 1.
Yankee Candle MAN TOWN YANKEE CANDLE 22 oz. Jar (Collector's Edition), $38.00 Buy
Regular bread has yeast. Too feminine! That's why he needs Man Bread.

Organic Sprouted Man's Bread, $49.06, available at Organic Direct.

For the man who refuses to admit he has legs, there's always Meggings.
ASOS Meggings, $19.00 Buy
Haven't you always found tissues to be too small and delicate? NO LONGER.
Kleenex Kleenex 3717705 Men Tissues, White by Kleenex, $4.59 Buy
Does he constantly complain about how regular hangers feel too wimpy and precious? Time for a hanger bent by hand. Meet the Man Hanger.
Gift cards aren't rugged enough. The Smash and Grab gift card is dipped in concrete and comes with goggles and a hammer to make destruction socially acceptable.
Man Crates Gift Card, $74.98 Buy
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