The Best Sites For Non-Cheesy Holiday Cards

Once upon a time, a little version of you may have graced your family’s holiday card. Now you’re the one creating your own season’s greetings — and you need a site that will help you do it, whatever your goal or aesthetic. Maybe you want to express your holiday cheer with snaps of you and your friends over the year’s best occasions and accompany it with some witty holiday truism. Maybe you’re more the bleak, Instagram snowscape type. Or, maybe you like expensive, letterpress cards with tasteful typography. Whatever your visual, you want to reach out to loved ones with good wishes for the new year.

Fortunately, creating a just-right-for-you card no longer involves hours spent trolling the bargain table at Barnes & Noble or sitting at home during Scandal reruns, licking stamps and addressing envelopes. These nine sites put the most modern, efficient spin on the process, including Instagram compatibility, purchase rewards you’ll actually use, eco-friendly considerations, and clever ready-for-repurposing ideas that range from ornaments to gift tags.

Artifact Uprising
The streamlined designs on Artifact Uprising look more like magazine ads than holiday cards — the company was founded by sisters who also happen to be professional photographers. The 2016 holiday collection features more than 50 original card designs printed on 100% recycled paper. Foil-stamped and hand-lettered options are also available.
Photo: courtesy of Paper Culture.
Paper Culture
No need to feel guilty about sending paper cards instead of digital with Paper Culture; they actually plant a tree with every order. Their sleek and charming designs are a bit above average.
Photo: Courtesy of Ink & Main.
Ink & Main
Hallmark's sister site, Ink & Main, offers customizable holiday cards with a more modern feel. They also sell cards for other occasions, like birthdays and graduations, that you can personalize with the recipient's name.
Photo: Courtesy of Postable.
If you and your friends got together to create a card company, it might look like the casual, colorful Postable. The site has a distinctly Millennial attitude and acts as a kind of Holiday Card Command Center. You can export your contacts into the address book feature, personalize your cards, and enlist Postable to stamp and mail them for you.
Photo: Courtesy of Minted.
Minted offers an endless array of designs created by its expansive network of independent artists. They're elegant, high-quality, and customizable, with photo, letterpress, and foil-stamped options. There's also a line of ornament cards that come in sparkly snowflake shapes with a pre-punched hole and ribbon for hanging. The best part? All orders come with free recipient addressing.
Photo: Courtesy of Shutterfly.
Sending the same card en masse can feel a little impersonal, but who has the time to hand-write a message onto each one? Shutterfly is known for its catalog of photo-themed gifts, but it also allows users to create custom messages to each recipient.
Photo: Courtesy of Zazzle.
Zazzle turns the expression of personal style into an art form by featuring address labels, stickers, and even holiday stamps to match the design of your card. This is huge for us perfectionist-types who feel a tremendous letdown when we stick a Liberty Bell stamp on our otherwise decorative envelopes.
Here's a solution for those of you who want to scratch “holiday cards” off your To-Do list in November, but you don’t want to send them too early. The bright, cheerful Cardstore site allows users to delay card deployment by using their mailing services. You can choose your holiday cards now (or even up to a year in advance!) and have them sent at a date closer to the holidays.
Tiny Prints
If the idea of having your cards mailed for you sounds great, but there are a few you want to send yourself with a special letter or gift, Tiny Prints lets you pick and choose the cards you’d like them to mail and the ones they send to you directly. This allows you to personalize and mail out just as many as you really want to.
Photo: Courtesy of Paperless Post.
Paperless Post
It may sound like an oxymoron, but Paperless Post also sells a wide range of printed cards. Through its website, you can customize everything about the card, from the font to the liner. After your card is created, you can choose to send both paper and electronic copies of your holiday greetings, meaning Grandma and your Instagram-addicted kid cousin and get the version perfect for them.
In addition to selling cards, photo books, and keepsakes galore, Snapfish also allows users unlimited photo storage. Syncing photos to your account is easy, and afterwards, you won't have to worry about losing your favorite vacation pics when you finally upgrade to a new iPhone 7. Then, when it comes time to send a holiday card, you'll have an entire year's worth of memories to choose from all in one place. It might even inspire you to print out some pictures and create a photo album IRL, too.
Paper Culture

If you're dedicating your holiday greetings to someone who cares a lot about the environment, a card from this eco-friendly stationery company will make them smile. The cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and the brand has pledged to plant a tree for every order received. So far, 550,000 trees have been planted thanks to this venture.
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