6 Trendy Nail-Art Designs That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

As we inch closer to the dead heat of summer, fun accessories are top of mind. Our sandals are peep-toed with clear PVC straps. We're gravitating toward the most shockingly bright purses on the shelves, like neon-green tote bags with fisherman-knot threading. And as for the cheapest accessory of all — our manicures — those babies are feeling fresher than ever.

This summer's hottest nail-art designs are some of the most extra we've ever seen — in a good way. Whether you're down to try the floating fish-art trend no one saw coming, or you've been low-key influenced by the rainbow fingernails all over Kendall Jenner's Instagram, there's a start-of-summer manicure perfect for your aesthetic, ahead.

Scroll through our guide to the top 6 breakout nail-art designs of summer 2019, and start planning your warm-weather mani — before you find yourself shelling out $76 of your tax return on purple square-framed sunglasses.

Pink Accents

According to this summer's nail trend report, you can't go wrong with a pink manicure any time from May through Labor Day. Our favorite minimalist take features a skinny stripe of neon pink at the tip of the nail with a mirroring thin glitter rim around the cuticle.
Fish Nails

No one saw fish nails coming, but they're surprisingly adorable and on-trend indefinitely. Place your colorful goldfish design over a clear jelly base to give your mani freshwater vibes.
Neon Ombré

While there's something to be said for the neutrality of sheer, pale-pink polish, this season's breakout nail-art trend is the total opposite. It's a loud, fluorescent — think tangerine and magentaombré fade that will seriously up your nail game. We're in love with this look: a diffused two-toned fade on each individual nail, with a matte instead of the usual glossy.
Color Gradient

If you're looking for a design you can do yourself, consider the trendy color gradient manicure. It's extra fun because each nail gets a different color polish, creating a tiny gradient on your fingertips. To keep the look cohesive, Tenoverten nail pro Nadine Abramcyk tells us that the key is to use a range of shades in the same color family.
Jelly Bean Nails

The graduated variation of the soft-blend gradient design is the bright rainbow Jelly Bean manicure. Both Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are fans, and if you have 10 bottles of solid-colored nail polish — any colors at all — you, too, can have a rainbow manicure.
Glitter & Foil

No shade to winter, but the start of summer feels like a much more appropriate time to wear sparkles and sequins. Plus, a gold foil accent can be surprisingly low-key and minimalist when paired with the perfect nude base polish.
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