The 8 Nail-Art Trends We're Seeing Everywhere This Summer

In the midst of the dead heat of summer, fun accessories are top of mind. Our sandals are peep-toed with clear PVC straps. We're gravitating toward the most shockingly bright purses on the shelves, like neon-green tote bags with fisherman-knot threading. And as for the cheapest accessory of all, our manicures? Those babies are feeling fresher than ever.

This summer's hottest nail-art designs are some of the most extra we've ever seen — in a good way. Whether you're down to try the floating fish-art trend no one saw coming, or you've been low-key influenced by the rainbow fingernails all over Kendall Jenner's Instagram, there's a start-of-summer manicure perfect for your aesthetic, ahead.


Scroll through our guide to the top 8 breakout nail-art designs of summer 2019, and start planning your vacation mani — before you find yourself shelling out $76 on purple square-framed sunglasses.

Star Art

Chalk it up to the 4th of July holiday, but we're seeing star nail art everywhere right now. Considering all the subtle and chic variations, we're guessing the print will stay on trend well after Independence Day.

Egg Art

Summer's most unexpected nail-art trend is the egg nail. An egg manicure might sounds as cheesy as your Sunday-morning breakfast scramble, but hear us out: The curved, yolk-like design is surprisingly chic. The white and yellow color play is both bright and muted at the same time, and the play on eggs can be as obvious or subtle as you want.

Pink Accents

According to this summer's nail trend report, you can't go wrong with a pink manicure any time from May through Labor Day. Our favorite minimalist take features a skinny stripe of neon pink at the tip of the nail with a mirroring thin glitter rim around the cuticle.

Fish Nails

No one saw fish nails coming, but they're surprisingly adorable and on-trend indefinitely. Place your colorful goldfish design over a clear jelly base to give your mani freshwater vibes.

Neon Ombré

While there's something to be said for the neutrality of sheer, pale-pink polish, this season's breakout nail-art trend is the total opposite. It's a loud, fluorescent — think tangerine and magentaombré fade that will seriously up your nail game. We're in love with this look: a diffused two-toned fade on each individual nail, with a matte instead of the usual glossy.

Color Gradient

If you're looking for a design you can do yourself, consider the trendy color gradient manicure. It's extra fun because each nail gets a different color polish, creating a tiny gradient on your fingertips. To keep the look cohesive, Tenoverten nail pro Nadine Abramcyk tells us that the key is to use a range of shades in the same color family.

Jelly Bean Nails

The graduated variation of the soft-blend gradient design is the rainbow Jelly Bean manicure. Both Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are fans, and if you have 10 bottles of solid-colored nail polish — we're partial to pastel tones — you, too, can have a rainbow manicure.

Glitter & Foil

No shade to winter, but the start of summer feels like a much more appropriate time to wear sparkles and sequins. Plus, a gold foil accent can be surprisingly low-key and minimalist when paired with the perfect nude base polish.
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