Stuntwomen Are Kicking Butt All Over Hollywood

Be A Badass breaks down hardcore sport stigmas that have previously excluded women, encouraging females to embrace their power by kicking some ass.

Stuntwomen are no joke.

It's takes a lot of physical strength and stamina to get through an intense action scene without getting hurt (and while still looking cool). This is easy enough to understand, but not a lot of thought is placed on the mental toughness that is required to do something like a high fall — without flinching. So the next time you see a killer on-screen action sequence by an A-lister, remember that there is a stunt performer making that look awesome.

Pro stuntwoman Sydney Olson took our host Allison Hagendorf through three stunt basics: chase obstacles, car slides, and free falls. These moves prove that stuntwomen are the real badasses of the entertainment industry.

This video was created in partnership with smartwater.

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