Be a Badass
We Figured Out What It Takes To Be A Badass Fencer

Fencing is way more physically strenuous than you realize.

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Be A Badass breaks down hardcore sport stigmas that have previously excluded women by encouraging females to embrace their power by kicking some ass. Fencing is way more physically strenuous than you realize. Strong legs are a must, since you need to constantly propel yourself forward into an offensive position and move back when you're on the defensive. Arms need to be super-sharp for every strike, swing, and cut. For this reason, plyometrics are crucial to staying competitive — footwork and posture need to be on point in order to stay agile. In addition to the physical requirements, fencing is also very cerebral. It's about being strategic with your moves and knowing how to read your opponent. This is why the sport is also known as "physical chess." On this episode of Be A Badass, Allison Hagendorf suits up for her first fencing lesson, ever. This video was created in partnership with smartwater. To see more, check out our BRAWLERS channel on YouTube.
Fencing Lesson - Footwork, Agility, Workout TipsReleased on August 30, 2016

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