Stockholm Fashion Week May Be Cancelled, But These Swedish Brands Still Deserve Their Time In The Spotlight

It's been over a month since the Swedish Fashion Council temporarily called it quits on Stockholm Fashion Week (SFW), noting the lack of sustainability as the primary cause. The three-day event would've taken place this week, if not for the cancellation. And while it's true that most of the city's most well-known brands tend to show in more prominent fashion capitals (Acne in Paris and Rodebjer and J.Lindberg in Copenhagen, for example), some of Sweden's finest designers aren't quite ready to give up on the city that made them.

Which, coincidentally, is a big reason for the current fashion week hiatus — Swedish designers believe they can change SFW for the better. "Generally, a lot of Swedish brands are into sustainability," Sofia Wallenstam, one third of the sister-trio behind Dagmar, told Refinery29. "We believe that the whole fashion week concept should move in that direction as well."


Wallenstam says designers are under constant pressure to produce more merchandise, and the traditional Fashion Week calendar doesn't help. She is aiming to devise a new method that calls for slower, more thoughtful production. "The council is going to make a new movement — new packaging, new thinking, a whole new way," Wallenstam explained. "We're working to find a more reasonable and sustainable way of showing fashion." In the meantime, we're highlighting Sweden's most sought-after brands and their latest collections in the slideshow ahead.

Filippa K

If you're a fan of Swedish minimalism, Filippa K is the brand for you. Between the elegant silhouettes and impeccable construction, a Filippa K piece will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

House of Dagmar

The product of three sisters, Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam, House of Dagmar launched in 2005. Since then, they've been tireless in their quest to create fashion that goes against the grain, especially as it applies to reducing our collective carbon footprint.

In using chrome-free leather that reduces the risk of chemical leakage, for example, Dagmar is finding new ways to advance their sustainable efforts. Oh, and the clothes look great too.

All Blues

With jewellery brands popping up left and right, it's hard to distinguish between what's really worth the splurge and what's a total waste of money. All Blues falls in the former category. From heavy, chain-link bracelets to fallopian tube necklaces, this Stockholm-based brand is the upgrade your jewellery collection is begging for.


Eytys (pronounced "80s") is one of the most promising rising stars coming out of Sweden's capital. A footwear and ready-to-wear brand specialising in lug-soled boots and chunky sneakers, Eytys has not only been spotted on just about every fashion influencer's Instagram, but they also just collaborated with fellow Stockholm-based brand and fashion conglomerate, H&M.


Surprisingly enough, Stylein was a product of founder Elin Alemdar's time spent in New York City rather than back home in Sweden. It didn't take long, though, for Alemdar to venture back across the Atlantic to build Stylein into the acclaimed brand that it is today in her home country. The perfect mix of minimal and trendy, Alemdar's designs are earmarked for the chic, modern shopper.


Since 2014, Elin Kling and Karl Lindman have been designing elevated, minimal basics in their Stockholm studio. And in just 4 years, they've built up a loyal cult following. From oversized blazers and utilitarian sets, to perfectly tailored denim and dresses, this is the kind of brand that's perfect for building up your wardrobe.


Hope Stockholm uses top-of-the-line tailoring and design to create collections that stretch the boundary between clothing and art.

Our Legacy

Given that Our Legacy is predominately a menswear brand, creative director Cristopher Nying did technically show this season, with a presentation at the Swedish Institute in the Marais in June. But we couldn't leave the brand's cool girl (and guy) basics off this list.

ATP Atelier

Swedish design meets Italian craftsmanship in ATP Atelier, one of Instagram's most-raved- about footwear brands. Co-founded by Maj-La Pizzelli and Jonas Clason, ATP Atelier really does do it all, from barely there sandals to mainstay loafers.
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