8 Ways To Wear Stirrup Pants (Yes, They're Back)

Fashion had some of its most dramatic changes in the early 20th century, as women became more active in public life; specifically, as they started participating in popular sports of the time, like riding a horse or a bike.

Stirrup pants were first worn in the 1920s by horse riders, who needed their pants to stay in place after they put on their boots. A decade later the style was adapted by skiers, who first wore them during the Winter Olympics in Germany in the '30s. Then, in the '80s, as the fitness craze swept through the United States, stirrups made a comeback — this time, as part of everyday wear. But after that, they were relegated to the "never again pile," much like, well, crunchy hairspray-ed bangs and shiny spandex and any other relics of the decade.

But stirrup pants are back again, thanks in part to — surprise! — Balenciaga, where Demna Gvesalia's whole ploy seems to be to sell us all the things we said "never again" to, at four times their original price. The weird thing is, we are kind of into them? They're a simple way to add a bit of an edge to any outfit, and there's something about putting the strap over the shoe that is just the right amount of "editorial" without looking like you're trying too hard.

Because of that, we've rounded up eight ways to wear the trend without looking like you're going to a costume party. A little throwback never hurt nobody, right?

Purple stirrup pants sound like a lot, but when you pair them with a chunky pair of neutral brown heels, they pretty much become a neutral too.
If you're feeling shy about experimenting with such an "edgy" style, style it with the classics — think: a navy sweater, a white pump.
If you want to experiment with multiple patterns, a pair of stirrup pants can act as the literal glue strap that holds it all together.
Sometimes, the way to wear something with such a loaded history is by acknowledging its beginnings. The black version, paired with a white pump with a v-cut topline detail, says, "Yes, I know my pants are delightfully Back to the Future, and that's why I love them."
On rainy days, stirrup pants can also offer the illusion of practical dressing — even if you're wearing high heels.
Oversized hoodie? Check. Gucci Bag? Check. Stirrup athletic-inspired pants? Check. Super-high neon pumps? Check. Sometimes, completely owning up to the fact that you never met a trend you didn't like is also a way to pull off said trend.
The problem with stirrup pants is that sometimes — much like when you wore ill-fitting tights as a child — the crotch can hang low and you'll spend the whole day trying to fix it. But if you start with looser-fitting pants, you eliminate that problem completely (and end up with a look that's even office-appropriate).
And perhaps the most genius tip of them all — are you into the look but don't feel like investing in a new pair of pants? Buy a few pairs of fit clips, attach to the hem of your trousers, and done! Instant cool look.
talent by Maria Del Russo; talent by Stephanie Anderas.
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