Side-Swept Fringe Is Making A Chic Comeback In 2020

This spring, forget everything you think you know about a side bang. Instead of a heavy curtain of hair that completely covers one eye, it's a featherlight frame, softly blended through long layers, that's trending for 2020.

According to Bridget Brager — a celebrity hairstylist and brand ambassador for Herbal Essences — the newest iteration of side-swept fringe is subtle. "The modern side bang is thinned out," she says. "By cutting into the fringe, as opposed to slicing straight across it, the effect is soft and feathery."


Ahead, find seven different examples of 2020's trendiest fringe, along with Brager's best practices for cutting and styling them.

Nervous? Try A Faux Fringe

If you're almost sold on going for subtle side bangs at your next appointment, you can quiet any hesitation by trying faux fringe first. During this season's Milan Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner wore temporary, clip-in side bangs for the Versace show.

Focus On The Eyebrow

Once you're ready for the real thing, Brager says that the highest part of your eyebrow makes a great guide. For the most flattering (and practical) effect, the bangs should fall gently over your brow, crossing around your arch. "A side-swept bang works with any hairstyle depending on the length of the swoop," she says.

Make It Feathery

For a piece-y, feathered effect — á la Suki Waterhouse or Dakota Johnson — Brager says the key is the cut and the tousle. "With a long bang, you want to let it go wherever it goes," she explains. "Your stylist can actually move the way your bangs grow by cutting smaller pieces so styling is made easier." Translation: Ask for a cut that works with your texture so it falls where you want.

Ask For Invisible Layers

The reason why modern side bangs are so subtle is because they're treated less like proper bangs and more like gradual layers. "The process is like blending invisible layers," Brager explains, noting that your stylist should be cutting into the bang to remove weight.

Lean Into Your Curl

One of the best-kept secrets to great bangs is minimally styling them. "You don't really want to disturb your bangs," Brager explains. "If you have curly hair — and you want it flat — you can use a boar-bristle brush and smooth the roots. But if you want the curls to live on their own, just run your fingers through the bangs."

Switch Your Part For Volume

If you're looking for more root volume, Brager offers a trick she uses on her own bangs. "I'll switch my part and then blow them out with a hairdryer," she says. "This gives a little bit of volume right at the root, plus bounce and movement to the bang itself."

Add Accessories

In the age of hair accessories, the side bang becomes even more versatile. "I like adding headbands, clips, or even simple bobby pins with a side-swept bang," says Brager. "If you want your bangs out of your face, it's easy to pull them back."
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