The Best Gifts To Get The Netflix Obsessive In Your Life

Netflix has taken over our lives. With so many us staying home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and big studio releases stalled because of theatre-closures, the streaming service has become more important than ever. It's allowed to us re-discover old favorites, binge new cult obsessions like The Haunting of Bly Manor, and brought us together in our collective love-hatred of Emily in Paris.

So, it’s only sensible we base some of our gift-giving on the series and movies that made our year. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a present that reminds them of the majesty of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, or the emotional weekend they dedicated to 13 Reasons Why?


That’s why we picked out the perfect gift for every type of Netflix fan. Keep scrolling to see what you should get the Stranger Things obsessive in your life or your favorite person who's not-so-secretly lusting after Emily's camera phone case. Happy shopping!

For the Haunting of Bly Manor fan: A "perfectly splendid" candle

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean the holidays can't have a spooky flavor. This candle's blend of black tea and chai spice is the perfect mood-setter for a haunted and socially-distant Christmas.

Perfectly Splendid 'Haunting of Bly Manor' candle on Etsy, $20.99
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
For the Emily in Paris fan: The iPhone case

Emily's camera iPhone case is an extension of her style and general being. It's functional but ornate, basic but covetable, and let's face it, we all kind of want one now. And guess what? It's available on Amazon, so pas de problème chérie. Un cadeau parfait, coming right up.

Awsaccy iPhone Case, on Amazon, $10.99

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Photo: Courtesy of Macy's.
For the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina fan: The dress

Anyone who is obsessed with Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is also probably obsessed with the costuming as well. That finale strut between Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) and the Weird Sisters alone!

To give the Sabrina fan in your life their personal version of that moment, get them their very own perfectly witchy collared dress, like this one. So Weird Sister. So Sabrina.

Collared Shift Dress on Macy's, $119.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
For the 13 Reasons Why fan: A mixtape USB drive

13 Reasons Why is one of the most polarizing and delicate shows on television. So, it’s difficult to come up with a good gift around the series that doesn’t feel like it’s in wildly poor taste or overly obvious.

Yet, one gift that does capture the analog appreciation of 13 Reasons without coming off terribly is a USB drive that looks just like an old-school cassette tape. Plus, it’s actually useful.

Retro Mixtape USB Memory Stick on Amazon, $15.
Photo: Courtesy of Take A Look At That Banner on Etsy.
For the Orange Is The New Black fan: A reminder to trust no bitch

Like 13 Reasons Why, Orange Is The New Black is filled with a lot of inescapable gloom. It’s difficult to make the series holiday season fun.

If you really want to make an OITNB fan giggle this season, pick up a glittering, gold “Trust No Bitch” banner. Not only does the gift harken back to the best advice Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) ever received, it also captures the heady mix of joy and darkness Orange runs off of.

Congrats on tracking down the the perfect banner for New Year’s Eve Instagram photo opps.

OITNB Banner on Etsy, $15.
For the Stranger Things fan: An extremely dope sweatshirt

Look, there are a million different Stranger Things shirts out there. Most of them have either Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) face on them or celebrate Steve Harrington’s (Joe Keery) hair.

You should get the Stranger Things obsessive in your life something a little harder to find. Namely, a Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club sweatshirt. It’s something only a true fan would really get.

Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club Pullover on Redbubble, $44.
Photo: Courtesy of Nana Anna Crafts on Etsy.
For the Haunting Of Hill House fan: This cross-stitch

Haunting Of Hill House might be a ghost story, but, more importantly, it’s a rumination on grief, family, and the meaning of life. All of that is summed up in Nell Crain’s (Victoria Pedretti) beautiful “The rest is confetti” finale speech.

This cross stitch celebrates the importance of that moment and will probably bring a tear to the eye of any Haunting lover.

"The Rest is Confetti" Haunting of Hill House Cross Stitch on Etsy, $27.
Photo: Courtesy of Lemon Grace on Etsy.
For the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before fan: Their very own stationary

Anyone who loved To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is probably itching to send some letters of their own. To make that dream come true — and help it be extra special — get them some personalized stationery ASAP.

Peter Kavinsky not included.

Personalized Notepad on Etsy, $18.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
For the On My Block fan: A gnomies tee

One of the most delightful scenes in Netflix’s already delightful On My Block arrives when the gnomies enter Jamal’s (Brett Gray) life towards the end of season 1. The gnomies are the shockingly sprawling collection of chill garden gnomes owned by Chivo (Emilio Rivera), a central figure in unraveling the RollerWorld mystery, and it feels like a new one pops up every time Jamal turns around.

A gnomies tee like this one would never fail to bring a smile to the face of a true On My Block fan.

“Hanging With My Gnomies” Shirt on Amazon, $16.
Photo: Courtesy of The Paper Flowerbed on Etsy.
For the The End Of The F***ing World fan: A pot of daisies

The End Of The F***ing World is filled with heartstring-pulling moments. But, one scene is cuter than all the rest: the time James (Alex Lawther) attempts to apologize to Alyssa (Jessica Barden) by giving her a small pot of daisies he seemingly picked himself. His little face!

To remind a TWOTFW fan of your own undying love, give them an undying pot of daisies like this one from Etsy. It’s made of paper so it will quite literally never die.

You will have to explain this gift a bit, but the payoff will be worth it.

Paper Flower Bouquet on Etsy, $24.
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