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365 DNI Was Only The Tip Of The Horny Iceberg — Netflix Has A Ton Of Sex-Heavy Movies

Oh, you thought the red room from Fifty Shades of Grey was the kinkiest movie scene you'd accidentally discuss with your parents after you mom and dad innocently watched it one night? Netflix's super sexual Polish movie 365 DNI would like you to hold its beer. The big-budget softcore Fifty Shades trilogy has nothing on the absolutely steamy Polish erotic thriller that made waves when it hit Netflix in June 2020. Pausing on Ryan Philippe's butt in Cruel Intentions seems PG compared to the import of wall-to-wall TV-MA smut, thankyouverymuch.

Your parents might not have watched 365 DNI yet (or have they? They could be chill, they had you after all), but the rest of the world has caught on. The film is still dipping in and out of the top 10 of Netflix's most-watched movies, which means there are other people out there jonesing for some skin-on-skin contact too.


In fact, the streaming service has a pretty robust offering of steamy, erotic, and otherwise not-PG films, 365 DNI is really just scratching the surface. Thanks to 365 DNI and its extremely problematic power dynamics, we've now realized that there is plenty of barely disguised porn that will make your alone time a lot more exciting. While there are plenty of movies with steamy sex scenes available on Netflix, we're not talking about the ones where you can strategically grab a snack to avoid an awkward moment if you're watching with your parents. No, the films we've selected will have you alert and feeling things throughout.

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Basic Instinct

The most famous erotic thriller of all time — thanks to Sharon Stone and that infamous flashing interrogation scene — follows a San Francisco detective (Michael Douglas) who becomes embroiled in a torrid affair with the prime suspect in his murder investigation (Stone). Things get very steamy very fast.

Thirst Level: 6 out of your daily 8 glasses of water — hi, this kind of genre-defining, nudity-filled film has a reputation for a reason.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Douglas refers to a specific scene — one that was so explicit it had to be cut down to get an R rating — the "f— of the century" scene that took an entire five days to shoot. (He discusses it in depth in this Entertainment Weekly article from 1992.)
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Good Kisser

When a woman agrees to a sexy weekend fling with her girlfriend and a third woman, she begins to understand that the foundation of her two-year relationship has more cracks than she realized.

Thirst Level: 4 — this movie is literally about a menage a trois, but it's not as scandalous as you'd think

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: IDK, how about the aforementioned threesome?
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Duck Butter

This 2018 indie stars Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa as a couple who meet at a club and make a plan to spend 24 hours together having sex every hour on the hour. Shawkat co-wrote the movie with director Miguel Arteta, and they originally planned for a heterosexual couple until they found Costa. Yes, there is nudity, but more than that, it's a very intimate experience.

Thirst Level: 4 (it's quiet and intimate more than anything else, but of course there's also plenty of sex)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Listen, this is a movie explicitly about fucking, which they do — a lot, and pretty much everywhere they can. So, uh, all of them?
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Laia Costa is no stranger to deeply intimate movies about millennials embarking on new relationships, appearing in two such films on this list. Here, she gets together with a dude she meets on a hookup app, played by Nicholas Hoult, in a film from Like Crazy director Drake Doremus.

Thirst Level: 5 (that cinematography by Sean Stiegemeier is really stunning)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: IDK, maybe the one that caused the Daily Mail to clutch its pearls so hard that they wrote a whole article about it?
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This psychological thriller aired on Lifetime in 2016, and stars Mira Sorvino as a politician's wife whose fling with a young sculptor goes wrong after she calls off the affair.

Thirst Level: 3 (This is pretty steamy all around, but it did air on cable.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: The first time the illicit couple get to know each other in the ~biblical~ sense gets pretty steamy for Lifetime.
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Dry Martina

Let's let noted parental watchdog website Common Sense Media tell you exactly what this Argentinian film is about: "Parents need to know that the title Dry Martina (in Spanish with English subtitles) refers to a sexually voracious Argentinean pop music star and her suddenly unlubricating vagina, establishing the tone for a movie that's largely about sexual needs and appetite. This sets Martina on a search for the man who can turn her on."

Thirst Level: 5 (Did you read that description?)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Take your pick!
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A change of pace from the thrillers that populate this list, this French comedy follows three middle-aged women who embark on relationships that could be categorized as the "cougar" variety.

Thirst Level: 3 (lotta brash discussion of sex and sexual politics, not as much banging)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: When 40-year-old Elise's relationship with a much-younger man moves from sexting to IRL.
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Lust, Caution

Ang Lee's 2007 erotic historical espionage thriller (what a genre!) made headlines at the time of its release for its sex scenes that were so explicit some people wondered if they were simulated or real. Plus, it got an NC-17 rating for its “explicit sexuality."

Thirst Level: 5 (Those sex scenes are REALLY hot.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: The first sex scene between the two main characters is rough and painful, and things get even steamier from there.
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Swimming Pool

This 2003 erotic thriller stars Charlotte Rampling as British crime novelist Sarah, who heads to her publisher's house in the South of France to finish her latest book — but her plans go awry with the arrival of Julie, who says she's the publisher's daughter.

Thirst Level: 5 (The film was edited before its US release so it wouldn't get an NC-17 rating.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Julie's constant one-night stands are so rowdy Sarah wears earplugs, so…
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This Spanish film explores the fragile and intense nature of first love through the relationship of Laura and Carlos. (Fans of the Netflix hits Elite and Money Heist will recognize Maria Pedraza as Laura.)

Thirst Level: 6 (The quiet intimacy of the film adds to the steamy vibe.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: There's a lot of sex on floors in this movie.
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White Girl

One major thing to remember about this story of a college student, Leah (Homeland's Morgan Saylor), screwing her way through New York City in search of cocaine: It was written and directed by a woman, Elizabeth Wood.

Thirst Level: 3 (There is some steamy sex, but the drug thriller aspect takes over in the second half.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Leah and her friendly neighborhood coke dealer get intimate on her rooftop.
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This Argentinian movie, which follows a young woman who "falls prey to lust" when she attends her estranged sister's wedding, caused controversy when it first arrived on Netflix due to the fact that it showed a young girl experiencing an orgasm in its opening scene.

Thirst Level: 5 (The aforementioned scene sets the tone for the way the film will treat sex.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: As the fine folks over at Common Sense Media put it, "this is a kind of soft-porn montage of sex scenes — including full-frontal male nudity and bare breasts in some cases." Well alright then!
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A Perfect Ending

Rebecca is a rich, bored middle-aged wife who decides to spice up her sex life by hiring a high-priced female escort.

Thirst Level: 4 (Who doesn't love a woman exploring her own sexuality?)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Rebecca experiences her very first orgasm. Enough said.
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Elisa and Marcela

Based on a true story, this film follows a woman in 1901 Spain who pretends to be a man so she can marry her true love, another woman — Spain's first same-sex marriage.

Thirst Level: 3 (The history is far more interesting than the sex scenes, despite the unique props involved.)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: "The film ultimately may be remembered more for That Scene With the Octopus," teases a Decider review of the film.
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Cuddle Weather

A high-priced call girl takes a rookie male escort under her wing when they decide to become "cuddle partners," but this is more rom-com than anything, so naturally we watch them slowly fall in love.

Thirst Level: 2 (Okay, this is way sweeter than your typical steamy movie, but sometimes cute is good)

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: The sex scenes are more comedic than anything, but they are plentiful, that's for sure.
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B.A. Pass

A young man moves in with his aunt after the death of his parents so he can finish his college courses, but while there he is seduced by an older family friend in this Bollywood film. A classic Mrs. Robinson situation, really, though he's in college so it's less creepy.

Thirst Level: 5 — sexy, sure, but there's not too much depth to the film beyond the seduction.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Sarika is unapologetic about getting what she wants from her young lover, whether it means taking care of business on top or having him go downtown.
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