Do You Pay Your Bills Like Everyone Else?

We’ve all heard of “adulting.” And if we’re playing a quick game of word association, bill paying is one of the first things that comes to mind. Bills (unfortunately) are unavoidable. We all have to pay up or get punished forever with a scary-looking credit score. However, how we choose to pay those bills is completely different for everyone. From avoiding late fees like Trader Joe’s lines to favoring an “ignorance is bliss” approach, we each have a strategy (or lack thereof) to get us through to the next billing cycle.

After rolling out a handy bill-pay feature, our favorite personal-finance app, Mint, conducted a survey of 2,000 Americans to ask customers about just that — how they pay their bills. Respondents were characterized with five different payment personas: The Autopilot, The Points Person, The Tracker, The Optimist, and The Juggler. Which got us wondering, Where do we fit in? Read on to find out which persona is the most popular and which you are.

There’s no denying that bills are the worst. You watch your paycheck trickle in, then watch it flood out in the blink of an eye. Saving for a vacation, catching up on late fees, or investing in a summer wardrobe would be exponentially easier if you could live one month bill-free. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mint, our favorite budgeting and personal-finance app, to give one lucky winner $3,000 to help pay their bills for a month. Spend your paycheck exactly the way you want and leave those pesky monthly payments to us. Enter here to win, and pretty soon you could be saying sayonara to your bills and bonjour to a hefty vacation fund.

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The Autopilot

Your motto? Set it and forget it. You’re a do-the-work-upfront type who would rather not worry about the details of each bill every month. From rent to utilities to credit cards, autopay is the first feature you set up so you can cruise. You impress your crew with a mean crock-pot dinner and let that Spotify subscription auto-renew. Of Mint survey respondents, 15.8% identified with this persona, so you’re in pretty good company.
The Points Person

If you’ve researched multiple credit cards to find the perfect plastic soul mate, you’re a points person. Using a credit card for all expenses and then cashing in big with your points is your way of sticking it to the man. Who would turn down free money? Not you. Friends can find you snagging a free slurpee at 7/11 on July 11 or Instagramming your latest vacation (your flights were obviously free). Of Mint survey respondents, 7.7% identified with this persona. Group trip, anyone?
The Tracker

Some people think the devil is in the details, and by “some people,” we mean you. When it comes to avoiding late fees, keeping your credit score afloat, and paying off your student debt, you thrive by keeping a close eye on things. At the end of the month, you account for your budget and send in all your payments well before their due date. While Millennials may get a bad rap for being lazy, you’re anything but. Mint survey respondents are right there with you — a whopping 38.1% identified with this persona. Perfectionists for the win!
The Optimist

Even when your bank account is half empty, your glass is always half full. Living life worry-free, you pay bills as they come...but might miss one every once in a while. You’re only human. Despite spending a bit too much on late fees, you see your financial future working itself out, whatever that means for you. The Optimist might have a bit of luck on their side or the benefit of a generous family, but this persona is not alone as 14.4% of survey respondents could relate.
The Juggler

Being in a place of financial security is the dream, but it takes work to get there. Whether you’re new to the adulting game or have been on the grind for a while, living paycheck to paycheck might be the only way you can thrive. When the bills roll in, you’re just trying to stay above water and keep yourself out of trouble. You thrive on seasonal sales and love a good lunch special. Who doesn’t? Of Mint survey respondents, 16.7% identified with this persona.
The I-Don’t-Identify-With-These-Personas Persona

Being boxed into a specific set of characteristics doesn't work for everyone — we get it. Maybe you can’t resist the lure of free money and can’t be bothered to remember each bill's due date. We'll dub you The Autopointspilot. Even though you don’t fit perfectly in a pretty pink box, you’re also not alone: 7.4% of Mint survey respondents didn’t identify with one persona over another or didn’t see themselves in any. No shame; we’ve always been a little unconventional, too. As long as you’re working towards paying your bills, that’s all that matters.
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