How To Do A Perfectly Imperfect Boyfriend-Jean Cuff (That Actually Stays Put)

We've already shown you how to shorten the pant leg of your skinny jeans, but wider-leg styles are a whole different beast. You can't just tug, tuck, and expect that roll to stay put all day, but you also don't want to look like a nerd with a cuff that's way too perfect. The best kind of boyfriend-jean cuff only looks a little messy — it shouldn't be so sloppy that you have to redo it several times a day.

The answer lies in the double cuff that takes advantage of a scruffed-up hemline. By creating one deep fold and then another one right on top of it, you're creating a layering of textures, depths, and colors, which gives the illusion of an "I just threw this together" moment. Watch the video to see how you should be cuffing your denim from now on.

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