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How To Give A Plain Button-Up A Sexy Twist (Literally)

Bored of wearing your button up shirts the exact same way? This wrap style trick will change the way you wear your shirts.

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There are certain things you don't mess with. An expertly brewed cappuccino. NARS Orgasm blush. Tilda Swinton. And, up until recently, we had the crisp button-up shirt on that list. With the ability to be worn with just about every other piece in your closet, it's professional and easy-breezy, sharp and slouchy, and pretty and tomboyish all at once. But, of course, wearing it every single week for a long, long time gets a girl thinking of exploring other options. But, don't ditch the  button-up if you're growing tired of it — just give it a twist. Using just a single button, you can wrap a button-down around your torso to give your plain shirt a completely different vibe. This works best on oversized, too-big button-downs (the ones you find at thrift stores in the men's section for a dime a dozen), but you can make it work with slimmer-fit ones with a longer torso. Take a look at the technique in the video above. 
Button Up Shirt Wrap Twist Styling TrickReleased on April 16, 2015

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