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The Prettier Way To Shorten Your Tank Top Straps

Are your tank top straps too long and you keep having to worry that they're slipping off? Here's how to shorten your straps the quicker, prettier way.

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With tank top straps (especially on beaters; especially, especially on camisoles), a inch can mean the difference between having a regular time, just hanging out, enjoying your company and yourself and your surroundings...and having the Worst. Time. Ever. You know what we're talking about: That constant paranoia that your strap is going to slide off your shoulder and have you participating in #freethenipple without even meaning to. It's annoying and a bother, and no one has time for that. The key to strap security lies in turning your straps into a racerback. You could use a string, or you could even use a clip or pin. But we think the most unexpectedly elegant thing you could do is to use a long, fluid ribbon to cinch it together. Not only will you be able to stop monitoring any inadvertent flashing disasters, but you'll also end up with a top that other people might be fooled into believing is Lanvin. Win-win.
How To Shorten Your Tank Top StrapsReleased on August 19, 2015

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