Split Second Styling Tips
Half-Tuck Your Way To Glory And Success: A Video Primer

Refinery29 shows you how to execute a shirt half-tuck the elegant way.

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Seen in store windows, on your fashion nemesis, and all over your Pinterest board, the haphazard half-tuck is a look that's been quickly gaining momentum ever since loose-and-louche replaced buttoned-all-the-way as our preferred shirt-wearing style. But, if it still looks wrong each time you try it out for yourself, you might just be getting certain things mixed up. It's not rocket science, but this style can be tricky. It's all about understanding which side goes in, how much to tuck, and how messy is too messy. Do it wrong, and people will be wondering whether you forgot to look into the mirror after your last bathroom break. Do it right, and the payoff can be big. You can give your look an unexpected twist without having to dig around in your closet to add something else onto your outfit. For the definitive dos-and-don'ts guide to the deliberate half-tuck, pay attention to the video above. 
How To Half-Tuck Your ShirtReleased on February 2, 2015

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