Split Second Styling Tips
The Styling Trick You’ll Love This Fall

You might not think you can improve your T-shirt tucking technique, but there is a better way to tuck. Here's how.

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As far as styling tips go, tucking in your T-shirt seems like such a basic, simple, how-could-you-possibly-screw-this-up thing that even imagining that there are different (and better?) ways to do it gets the entire Internet to turn against you. But...there is — pitchfork-wielders, stay back! The logic goes like this: You don't want your shirt to come untucked, so get it in there. But, the tighter the tuck, the harder it is to keep it in. And frankly, a shirt that looks like it's holding onto your crotch for dear life gives instant Urkel vibes. A better way to anticipate any untucking is to leave yourself a lot of slack. If you can raise your arms without stretching the shirt out, you've done it right. And, if you're working with a graphic tee, it's all about the front. Leave the back loose for a casual tuck. In any case, this more relaxed tuck will actually stay put longer, make you look less uppity, and keeps any graphic on the front of the shirt looking great. A visual explainer, above.
How To Tuck In A T-ShirtReleased on April 1, 2015

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