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16 Spot-On Gifts For The Gemini In Your Life

Social distancing has not been easy on most of the zodiac's social signs. And while it certainly feels like day 713 of stay-at-home season, it's officially day two of Gemini season — meaning, it's time to cheer up! Because as the sun moves to shine on this energetic astrology sign, you may discover a newfound enthusiasm for maintaining close communication; making time to schedule everything from Zoom parties to FaceTime dates with your nearest and dearest. So, we teamed up with astrologer Lisa Stardust to bring you a creative gift list that's fit for this big Gemini energy.

"Known for their dualistic vibe and intelligence, your Gemini BFF will flip — or at least one of the twins will — for these gifts that are in sync with their passions: talking, having fun, and expressing themselves through clothes and accessories," Stardust tells Refinery29.


Ahead, 16 unique ideas perfect for the twins of the zodiac — from Animal Crossing to hi-tech webcams and custom-beaded friendship bracelets. Or, in the spirit of treating yourself, feel free to snag a little something for you know who (even if your birthday is still six months away).

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Jennifer Zeuner Mika Necklace

"Geminis love trinkets that have a dualistic vibe, so a layered necklace will be much appreciated by the sentimental twin," says Stardust.
Jennifer Zeuner Mika Necklace, $176.00 Buy
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

"Everyone and their mother has already heard of Animal Crossing at this point, but I love this game and think it’s right up Gemini’s alley," Jake Register (aka @Jakeastrology on Insta) tells us. "Plus, if you have any friends with Animal Crossing, it’s a fun way to connect with them if you want to visit each other’s islands or send each other mail!"
Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo Switch, $59.99 Buy
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Madewell Peyton Sunglasses

A new pair of sunnies are perfect for wearing on socially-distanced rooftop hangs and outdoor walks. "These cute sunglasses will let your Mercurial bestie look into the sun and gain insight on all the wonders of the world," says Stardust.
Madewell Peyton Sunglasses, $65.00 $49.99 Buy
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Astro*Lab Collection Gemini As Fuck Poster

For the no-holds-barred Gem, this unapologetic poster will serve as a daily reminder of how much they love to rep their astro signs.
Astro*Lab Collection gemini as fuck Poster, $19.99 $11.99 Buy
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Olive & June Nail Polish

"A nail polish that has a lot of unexpected color and pop will be ideal for your Gemini pal," says Stardust. "They love to be ahead of beauty trends."
Olive & June SWEET & GRACIOUS, $8.00 Buy
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Elizabeth & James Gold-Tone Evil Eye Stackable Ring Set

"A great gift for Gemini would be any kind of ring," Register says. "Each sign rules a body part, and Gemini rules the chest, arms, and hands. Plus, Geminis always talk with their hands, so why not decorate their fingers with some cute rings?" These Elizabeth & James ones come courtesy of the Olsen twins' (who also happen to be Geminis!) new line for Kohl's.
Elizabeth and James Gold Tone Evil Eye Stackable Ring Set, $18.00 $13.50 Buy
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FP Movement High-Rise 7/8 Length Good Karma Leggings

"Geminis are known to run wild, so a cool pair of leggings in an airy color will boost their can-do athletic nature," she explains. (If you're feeling extra generous, throw in a matching top for an adorable, cozy-cute combo.)
FP Movement High-Rise 7/8 Length Good Karma Leggings, $78.00 Buy
FP Movement Square Neck Good Karma Bra, $48.00 Buy
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Alisa Galitsyna Retro 70s Color Palette III iPhone Case

"Geminis are always on their phone, so an iPhone case is a perfect gift for them," says Stardust. 
Alisa Galitsyna Retro 70s Color Palette III iPhone Case, $35.99 $28.79 Buy
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Entireworld Gif' Card

"A light sweatshirt is the perfect gift for them to get comfy in," Stardust suggests. One that we love? Los Angeles-based Entireworld's matching 'fits.
Entireworld Gif' Card, $50.00 Buy
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Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter

Mimic the innate duality of Geminis with a two-toned compact of highly pigmented metallic highlighter, which any beauty lover will love to swath across lids and cheekbones.
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LouisandFinn Personalized Custom Beaded Name Bracelets

"Always one to be transparent about their better half, they’ll adore wearing these customized and personalized Best Friends Forever bracelets with you," Stardust says.
LouisandFinn Personalized Custom Beaded Name Bracelets, $10.00 Buy
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Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

Give them the gift of spring with a new plant baby to help brighten their day and space.
Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe, $35.00 Buy
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Uncommon Goods Magnetic Sand Hourglass

"This one is kind of weird, but I bought one and can attest to how cool and interesting it is," Register says. "Geminis are bad at keeping track of time — this hourglass can help them do just that, but also, it’s an hourglass. Who owns an hourglass? Nobody, except the Gemini that’s about to receive it as a present. Plus, they love anything that can be a conversation starter."
Uncommon Goods Magnetic Sand Hourglass, $20.00 Buy
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Erin Condren Starry Sky On The Go Folio Planning System

"You love your spacey friend, but they can sometimes be all over the place," Stardust explains. "This inspiring planner will help them get on track and not be late to your Zoom gossip sesh."
Erin Condren Starry Sky On The Go Folio Planning System, $20.00 Buy
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VitaJewel Wellness Gem-Water Bottle

Geminis can be notorious Chatty Cathys. "All that talking your friend does will make them thirsty, which is why this crystal-infused water bottle is perfect for them."
VitaJuwel Wellness Gem-Water Bottle, $78.00 Buy
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Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 USB Webcam

"Gemini is the sign of communication, and in a time where face to face communication isn’t something we can really do, it’s important that Geminis are able to stay in touch with others virtually like on Zoom or Skype," Register says. "A webcam is an affordable option with a built-in mic, it clips right onto your laptop, and it also has light correction technology so the Gemini using it will look and sound better than everyone else on the conference call."
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 USB Webcam, $39.95 Buy
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Coach Hayden Foldover Crossbody Clutch

"This cute crossbody bag in a sweet pastel color will serve as your BFF’s favorite new accessory this spring and summer," Stardust predicts.
Coach hayden foldover crossbody clutch, $175.00 $105.00 Buy
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