The New Moon In Gemini Is Gifting Us With Lighter & Brighter Energy

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Ready for a fresh start? The new moon in Gemini is happening on May 30, and it's providing us with a clean slate to help kick off the start to summer. Gemini is one of the most lighthearted signs of the zodiac, so this energy will feel easygoing, positive, and hopeful — three things that we all need right now.
"With this moon in Gemini, we may have many new ideas and different ways of approaching things," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at "Information and ideas will flow on a Gemini moon, so this will be a great time to take new approaches to old problems." By doing so, we can create a more harmonious way of communicating with those around us. Be open with the people you care about right now — good things often come from honesty, so don't hold back your thoughts, ideas, or even concerns during this new moon cycle.
This particular new moon will bring back memories from our past due to Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, being retrograde, according to Lisa Stardust, astrologer, and author of The Love Deck. "There is a loose square forming between Mercury and Saturn on June 3, when Mercury turns direct," she says. "This means that we are feeling constrained and wanting to break free."
She's not the only one predicting this — Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, agrees, and adds that, yes, this is a good chance for us to confront our pasts, but perhaps more importantly, to let them go. "It’s been a year of massive change for some, and so this lunation functions as an energetic window that allows us to integrate the past so we can begin moving with more trust," she says.
Specifically, we should be looking at what we experienced during the most recent eclipse season — mainly around the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16. "Did anything happen for you this eclipse season that related to letting go of old patterns?" asks Madi Murphy, co-founder of the CosmicRx.
Although the past month may have been a bit heavy (eclipses are intense, after all), things are looking up. "Luckily, the stars and the cosmos are gifting us with a much lighter and brighter energy now," Murphy says. "It’s like we have a crisp, blank page to write on as the new moon moves into Gemini."
So pick up that pen — or that pencil or that keyboard or whatever you decide to write with — and put forth into the world what steps you're going to take to move forward to the next chapter. There are no wrong answers or ideas here. Under this new moon, it's important to just start moving.
Murphy points out that this lunation comes right on the heels of Mars aligning with Jupiter in Aries, which is shooting out fast-moving, go, go, go, energy into the world. "It’s time to communicate your heart and your mind, especially as it pertains to your values, your beliefs, and your relationships," Murphy says. "We are ready to do something new, enterprising, and courageous."
Stardust agrees, saying that we'll feel more confident due to the closeness of Jupiter in Aries. "It’ll be a time of speaking up and confrontation — but not in a bad way," she says. "Dealing with past issues and discussing problems is key now, as they’ll be easily remedied at this time." But don't act just yet — again, because Mercury is retrograde, wait until the planet goes direct on June 3 to actually pull the trigger on any significant decisions.
What's interesting about this particular new moon is that it's not directly connecting with any other planets, according to Montúfar. "It’s rare to have a new moon like this one, which is an opportunity to really feel into the pure essence of Gemini, which is the sign of duality," she says.
While the new moon isn't connecting to other planets, it is connecting to two planetary bodies (specifically asteroids): Chiron in Aries and Juno in Pisces. "The square with Juno is bound to challenge some of our closest commitments, especially those that began around the time Juno entered Pisces on April 20," Montúfar says. "We could be uncertain about which road to take at this time." These commitments include serious partnerships, relationships, and even roommates. Montúfar echoes the fact that we need to wait until Mercury is out of retrograde to make any decisions or confrontations surrounding these commitments — so if you've been pissed about your housemate's dirty dishes in the sink, wait a beat before bringing it up.
Not having a direct connection to planets doesn't mean they're not influencing us, though. "With Venus moving in Taurus and Mars in Aries around the time of the new moon in Gemini, there will finally be some balance in love and action," says Kalina Trifonova, an astrologer at Nebula. "Life will begin to flow as intended because the planets will be in their ruling signs, which feels much more natural for their energy." Stability, safety, and joy are some themes that will be surrounding us right now. "It's a light month, people's actions will match their words, love will be less whimsical and moody, and everyone will want to go out, enjoy life, and connect to new people," Trifonova continues.
We'll be feeling the effects of this new moon in Gemini for a few days. "New beginnings are lighting you up," Murphy says. "Follow the torch that blazes within you." If there's one thing to do right now, it's to take advantage of this new moon energy — you won't regret it.

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