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But First, Coffee: 19 Gift Ideas For Bean-Loving Buds

If you know someone who isn't a fully-functioning human until they've had their first sip of freshly-brewed Arabic black, then you're probably friends with a coffee connoisseur. To help guide your quest to the perfect present that isn’t just a Starbucks gift card, we went on a digital scavenger hunt for top-rated coffee ideas approved by picky espresso-sippers and passionate Java-consumers alike.

The road to gift-giving for your best bean-loving buds has its barricades: what if they’re more of a pour-over person? What if they grind their own beans? What if their go-to cafe order is something so complex you can't even pronounce it? Don't fret: ahead, 19 unique goods that coffee lovers will actually appreciate — including everything from high-tech electric kettles to self-heating smart mugs, natural-roast gift baskets, cold-brew liqueur, and monthly bean-subscription boxes.


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Palmpress Collapsible Coffee Press

This unique coffee-making gadget is perfect for those constantly on the go (or those living in spaces with small kitchens). Palmpress's collapsible coffee press comes crafted from BPA-free materials, lined to prevent coffee from coming into contact with plastic, sized at an ideal 9.1 oz, and sustainably built with a reusable filter. All it takes is your giftee's favorite coffee grounds, boiling water, three minutes brew time, and then a quick press for the perfect cup. (Plus, you can also opt to buy your bean bud the gift set that comes packaged with an exclusive coffee blend tailor-made for their new Palmpress.)

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "I have a few Palmpresses and love the F52 blue! These make the perfect cup of coffee and, as I’ve cut back to just one cup a day, I want it to be a really good cup! This delivers. And, given the 'press' process, can be varied to suit individual tastes. Easy to travel with too!" – Sreastland
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Golde Superfood Latte Kit

This black-owned brand made major waves last year when it began to circulate on social media — you'd see influencers sporting frosted glasses filled with latte blends and bright green matcha. The Golde Superfood Latte Kit features three of the most popular blends; cacao, matcha, and the original Tumeric.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "These blends are great! The original turmeric is my favorite, followed by the cacao blend. Delicious mid-day treat that has a lovely kick from the black pepper and ginger at the end. I'll definitely order again!" – Shana
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12 Days of Pour Over Advent Calendar

An advent calendar, for coffee? Sign us up! Fuel your holiday spirit with more than just hot cocoa, and utilize Copper Cow's unique coffee-lover gift. Each box includes a range of delicious coffee blends ranging from black to pumpkin spice and coconut creamer.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "This was the perfect set for someone new to Copper Cow. I was looking for a sampler that had lots of variety but no decaf and included most of the flavors I wanted to try. Now I know my favorites (cardamom, mint, black) and can order them separately! The little box it comes in is adorable and my daughter quickly claimed it to use for her dollhouse when I was finished. I’m really happy with the quality of the coffee and ease of use." –Kim
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Gold Coffee Holiday Variety Pack

Variety is the spice of life, and that's Gold Coffee's motto. Each variety pack comes with aromatic coffee pouches and the holiday edition features pumpkin spice, spiced cookie, and chocolate mint. Mmm.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Oh my goodness— this coffee is unlike anything I have ever tried and it's DELICIOUS! It's a mix of coffee, tea, and a thin mint cookie. Extremely smooth-tasting and just the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. What a great gift idea!" –– Laura
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Arabica Selection Origins of Taste Bundle

The perfect sampling of delicious, Arabica coffee; in a variety of flavors.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "I received this bundle as a gift, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I had tasted this coffee while staying at the Arizona Biltmore and thought it was the best coffee I'd had. Now I can enjoy it at home. I particularly appreciate the tins which keep the beans fresh." –– Murphy
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Workshop Sampler Gift Box

Everyone knows someone that exclusively goes to La Colombe for their daily fix, and this sampler box is the ideal way to taste them all.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "From the packing to the quality and aroma of the bean to the fun of tasting the different collections in the packet, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of being introduced to La Colombe coffee." - Kit
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Rainbow Mugs Set

We know that Coming Soon NY has the most vivid gifts, and this mug set is no different. Enjoy six mugs, each designed in a variety of playfully bright colors.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Love vibrant colors! Well made, durable, easy to clean. I especially like the wide handles and lightweight feel. Great for people with disabilities or arthritis." - Shelley
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Jot Ultra Coffee Concentrate

This genius little (but mighty) bottle of coffee concentrate is not just for cold-brew coffee fanatics, it can also be fashioned into a bold cup of hot java when mixed with boiling water. Boasting a concentrated strength of 20 times more than regular coffee, all it takes is a tablespoon mixed in with your giftee's temperature-choice of water plus a splash of favorite milk. Jot just debuted a few months back, so tie a little red ribbon around this bottle and deliver it as a trendy treat to your best bean-loving bud.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "This coffee is strong, exactly the way I like it. I'm Brazilian, and I was raised drinking black, really black coffee. The fact that Jot is organic and ethically sourced is a plus. I choose how concentrated I want it, and I drink it with hot or cold water and heavy cream, and my favorite, with delicious raw milk, hot or cold. I love how simple it is when I don't feel like brewing my own. Thank you for this fantastic product." – Claire M.
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Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

A simple kettle, but make it smart and chic with its brew stopwatch, temperature control, and quick heating capabilities.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "The Stagg looks great with my coffee setup. My wife likes the precise temperature control because she's fussy about the temperature of her coffee." - Philip G
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Uncommon Goods Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

Any java-obsessed giftee will cherish this playful take on New York's classic Greek-style to-go cup immortalized in a ceramic form they can sip their favorite blends from each and every morning.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "My colleague is a native of NYC and when I saw this cup, I knew he'd not only like it, he'd love it. The look on his face was all the confirmation I needed, he fell in love with it. It made him think of home. This gift was small in price but big on heartfelt appreciation." - Uncommon Goods Reviewer
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Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift

Present a gift that no one can refuse with this sampler kit — a gift box filled with either ground or whole bean variants, from highlander to Guatemalan blends.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "I got this box for my fiance for his birthday. It was quite a surprise for him! I'd highly recommend this to anyone who knows a coffee lover. For the price and all the stuff you get, it's definitely worth it!" - Talia E
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Brew Bottle

Prefer cold brew, even in the winter? Look no further than the Brew Bottle; an insulated vessel that's as easy to use as it is pleasing to look at.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Love this single-serve method of brewing my coffee. Quick and easy and brews perfectly. Highly recommend!" - Cheryl D
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Going Deeper Art Print

For the artistically-inspired friend that also loves a good brew, check out this cutesy art print.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Great artists are available on Society6. I was very impressed with the quality of the print and paper when I received my order. We worth the amount I paid and supporting independent artists is a great thing to do!" - Kristen E
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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

The Ember Mug allows you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages — aka the ideal gift for picky coffee curators.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "I can take my coffee with me into my boss's office and it still stays hot? Yes, please. I used the app and adjusted my temp down to 127 degrees. It stays at that temperature the entire time. I’ve not had an issue with battery life either, doesn’t take me more than an hour to polish off a cup of coffee. I HIGHLY recommend it." Mathews W
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Coffee Subscription Box

Driftaway provides coffee lovers with super personalized subscription boxes that can be modified in a variety of ways. Choose the grounds, size, and duration with every purchase. Even the coffee bags are monogrammed!

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "I’m really excited about the coffee subscription my sister-in-law bought me for Christmas. The bags even have my name printed on them. I want to try them all now." - Ben Young
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Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker

Leave it up to Nespresso to create this top-rated coffee machine. It has a 'brew and pause' function, touch control, and adjustable temperatures for any coffee-loving-friend.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "This is the best coffee machine I've ever had. You just can't compare Nespresso to any other coffee maker. The taste is amazing. Best purchase ever!" - Mary
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Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

For the seriously serious coffee lover. This coffee-based liquor has aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, and espresso. Yum.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Gold standard in my opinion. I love black coffee, this is everything I expected and more in a liqueur." - Tyler
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Rifle Paper Co. x Corkcicle Coffee Mug

Two favorite brands come together to craft these feminine mugs, which are both warming and cute.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "Finally I found the perfect mug! It keeps my coffee hot without being cumbersome. The rubber pad on the bottom was a pleasant surprise. I would buy this mug for its utility even if it wasn't a pretty Rifle Paper Company design." - DJMUG
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Keurig Coffee Lovers' Collection Variety Pack

For the busy coffee lover that prefers a quick brew in the morning.

Coffee Connoisseurs Say: "The reason I bought a Keurig is that I love coffee and one of my biggest inconveniences in the morning is making my coffee. I know that sounds ridiculous but I'm already tired and I just want my day to be simple." - Holly
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