7 Storage Tricks You've Probably Never Thought Of

If it were up to Marie Kondo, we would probably get rid of most of our things. But since we plan to keep at least some stuff, we decided to get smart about how we organize them. Whether you live in a tiny house, a city apartment, or even a home with a boatload of space, we’re betting you could use some pointers, too.

We spoke with four organization experts and asked them to share their favorite storage hacks with us. The results were creative and fun — and the best part is that these improvements are all either inexpensive, or totally free.

Check out all their tips ahead, and start dreaming about all the new things you can buy once you've made more space. (Sorry, Marie!)

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Photo: Courtesy of Henry & Higby/Michelle Hale.
File Dividers

Annie Draddy of Henry & Higby has a genius alternative use for file dividers. "Don't just relegate this organizational tool to the office, as they can be used throughout the house. Use them to store cookie sheets in your kitchen or even clutches and small handbags in your closet," Draddy suggests. "These work really well in closets because they make it so you can actually find things."
Photo: Via @Apartment Therapy.
High Shelves

“Maximize storage in apartments by adding a shelf above doorways or high up in your closet to store extra items,” Draddy says. She points out that shelves like this are especially good for storing lighter things,(think: extra toilet paper or paper towels). “One of the most important rules, especially in New York City living, is to go as vertical as possible.” High shelves can be used to display things, too, like shoes, as shown here.
Photo: Via @I Creative Ideas.
Magazine Holders

Draddy is also a big fan of using magazine holders for storage. “These workhorses can be used for almost anything around the house from sorting frozen foods in your freezer to containing cutting boards or even rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil in your cupboards,” she says.
Photo: Via @Brit + Co.

Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing has a brilliant hack: She uses clothespins to keep cords, headphones, and the like together — she calls it "cable control." As she told us, "I started it in my own home because there are always a million cords hanging around. I use wooden clothespins for a million and one things, and one day I was playing with the cords, and then had the idea to use them for this." The rest is herstory. Brit + Co came across this same trick and utilized it in a brilliant roundup of varied uses for clothespins.
Photo: Via @About.com.
Shower Curtain Ring

Sara Pedersen, of Time to Organize, let us in on her tank top storage trick. “To keep your cotton tank tops (and camis) handy in the closet, loop the straps of each through a shower curtain ring. Then, place all the rings on a standard hanger. You’ll be able to fit a dozen tank tops in the space of one hanger, and easily see your rainbow of tank top color choices!” Hip2Save posted this photo using this same tip for organizing scarves.
Photo: Via @Allwomenstalk.
Over-The-Door Shoe Hangers

Nicole Anzia of Neatnik shared her shoe hanger trick with us. “Use over-the-door shoe hangers in an office or hall closet to store everything from mittens to small umbrellas to batteries to toner cartridges. These also work well on the back of a bathroom door for bottles of hair styling products, lotions, etc.”
Photo: Courtesy of Henry & Higby/Michelle Hale.
Small Boxes

Draddy says you should recycle pretty much everything. “Instead of buying drawer organizers, try using smaller boxes you have around the house (bases and tops) to contain smaller items in your drawers,” she said. “Old makeup boxes can be used to fashion your own containers. You don’t need to go out and buy a desk tray — you can make your own.”
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