This Gorgeous Tiny House Is Proof That Size Doesn’t Matter

Photo: Courtesy of Studio Buell Photographed.
The tiny-home trend has really taken off in the last few years. That's perhaps partly thanks to the variety of shows on HGTV that feature tiny homes, like Tiny House Builders, Tiny House Hunters, and Tiny House, Big Living. This last show is where you'll see the work of New Frontier Tiny Homes, the builders of the world's ultimate micro-abodes.
Here, you can look inside the Alpha Tiny Home, New Frontier's flagship model. At only 246 square feet, it's just about the fanciest little thing you've ever seen. The Alpha Tiny Home is customizable based on the owner's needs and, according to Huffington Post Home, costs around $95,000.
The CEO of New Frontier, David Latimer, told HuffPo that the Alpha model costs more than other tiny homes because of its high quality. He said, “The quality of our design, our materials, our craftsmanship, the multifunctional furniture and optimization of space are second to no one.” And judging by the photos of this mini wonder, he's not kidding. Click through to see it for yourself. (Huffington Post)

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