9 Unforgettable Outfits Of Our Time, As Worn By Cher

Fantastic news, people: Designer Bob Mackie will once again collaborate with Cher, this time on the costumes for the upcoming musical The Cher Show, which will chart the musician's life and run at Chicago's Oriental Theater, starting June 12. Because if there's one thing we know about the effervescent music icon, it's that you can't keep a good woman down. Can we get an amen up in here? Okay, let's get into it.

So, why is this such an exciting announcement? Well, for starters: It's Cher, bitch. But really, for decades, the legendary costume designer has dressed Cher in some of the most memorable and flamboyant get-ups of her career — from the red carpet to the epic stage outfits we all know and love, to the Met Gala moment that originated the Naked Dress era we've been living in (and provided more than inspiration for Kim Kardashian's similar getup by Roberto Cavalli as it did a design-by-numbers blueprint), and many, many more.


But let's not forget that Moonstruck look. Or the beaded and caged two-piece she paired with a feathered crown? A Mackie design, as well. When it comes to fashion in action, and costumes that are worthy of couture clout as they are spots in museums from Las Vegas to Tokyo, nobody can do it like Cher. And nobody has (well, okay, Erika Jayne has come close, but let's chat about that when the Real Housewife announces a tour as major as this).

According to WWD, Mackie will be recreating looks from the star's illustrious career, from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour to her 2008-2011 residency at Caesars Palace in Vegas, which saw its own revival on the Classic Cher tour. With this news, who needs to turn back time? (Yes, we just had to get that one in there.) Ahead of the on-stage wardrobe extravaganza, we've collated our favorite Mackie-for-Cher looks. Because, even if you can't make it to the Windy City to see the victory lap, is an excuse even necessary for a Cher mood board? We didn't think so.

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Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images.
Beyoncé may have made a song out of it, but everyone knows Cher invented the art of feeling oneself. (We would tell you to fight us on that, but please don't fight us on that.)
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Keep it casual, they said. This is casual, replied Cher.
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This look is fire. (Get it?)
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Look at that: an outfit worthy of its own Oscar. Your favorite could never.
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Who needs cotton and polyester when you could just wear sequins and chiffon?
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Does that top come in black? Asking for millions of New Yorkers, thanks.
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An outfit that says, Mom, I am a rich man.
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You rang?
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