The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

Some days, you get really lucky with your workout playlist, and every single song is a bop that helps you find your stride throughout a challenging gym session. Other days, your music just doesn't match the way you need to feel, so you end up putting the same Kendrick Lamar song on repeat until you're done exercising. But if you're tired of your playlist, and not interested in whatever's on the gym's TVs, consider downloading a podcast.

Podcasts are perfect for working out because they can be engrossing, and literally all you have to do is listen. Many of them are around an hour long, so you can press play at the start of your workout and have it last until the end.

These days, there are almost too many podcasts to choose from, so it can be tough to wade through and find something that you'll like. Luckily, we found some of the best podcasts to download before your next trip to the gym.

You Made It Weird

Pete Holmes, the comedian behind the HBO show Crashing, is known for his long-winded podcasts during which he interviews a celebrity about life, work, love, religion, and the overall meaning of life. The episodes might feel slow at first, but that's kind of the point.

Best for: When you know you'll be exercising for a while.

Listen here.
Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Still reeling from Oprah's riveting Golden Globes speech? Well, you can listen to her speak more truths whenever you want on her podcast. Each episode, Oprah interviews someone she admires about the "deeper meaning of the world around you." As you can imagine, things get deep, fast.

Best for: When you need a boost mid-workout, or inspiration to stick to your routine.

Listen here.
Who? Weekly

If you never know what's happening in the world of celebrity gossip, you'll find comfort in Who? Weekly, the podcast that tells you everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. The short segments and fast-paced jokes about Rita Ora will give you something to laugh about when you're bored on the elliptical.

Best for: Evening workouts when you want to zone out and not think.

Listen here.
Happier With Gretchen Rubin

Sometimes you go to the gym with the intention of blowing off some steam, or because you're bummed about something that happened during the day. In those moments, turn on this podcast, hosted by Gretchen Rubin, an author who's done extensive research on happiness. Here, you'll find strategies and not-lame tips for how to live a happier life that you may actually want to try.

Best for: Beating a bad mood.

Listen here.
Lovett Or Leave It

Jon Lovett is Obama's former speechwriter, and one of the guys from the political podcast, Pod Save America. On his spinoff podcast, he invites comedians and famous people to participate in a live panel where they discuss — and whine about — what's happened in the news this week.

Best for: When the news on at the gym is bumming you out.

Listen here.
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