31 Fashion Month-Worthy Outfits To Try In October

If it were any other year, we’d be spending the first week of October sorting through hundreds of fashion month street style photos in order to inspire our fall wardrobes. Hours would be spent trying (and likely failing) to make the over-the-top ensembles from Milan and Paris Fashion Week translate into daily wear. (To be fair, a number of shows took place in person in Europe, so there is some street style this season, but nowhere near as much as we’re used to.) Unfortunately, it’s 2020, which, in addition to being an all-around dumpster fire, means that instead of basking in all that fashion month leaves behind, this year, we have to look elsewhere for autumnal style guidance

That won’t stop Instagram’s most stylish from creating content — and tons of it. Influencers who were unable to travel to international shows due to government restrictions still managed to dress the part from home. Digital viewers, who maybe wouldn’t have been able to see shows happen live if not for the pandemic forcing fashion houses to stream them, used their first “fashion month” as inspiration to create a whole slew of top-notch fall looks, too. All in all, even with little traditional street style, there’s still hope for October fashion yet. 


See what we mean by clicking through the 31 must-try autumn outfits ahead. 

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This outfit was approved by TikTok's cottagecore collective.
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There's nothing else to do these days — why not get a little dressed up?
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Swipe for a VIP boot sighting.
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Check out this quintessential fall look.
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Oversized collars for fall actually are groundbreaking.
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If there's ever a perfect time to wear a groutfit, it's now.
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Are colorful tights à la Blair Waldorf making a comeback this fall? If they're styled like this, then we will absolutely support it.
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This belt game is unmatched.
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Formal on top, casual on the bottom — this high-low look is perfect for a day of Zoom calls and Google Meets.
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And the award for best styling of a little white dress goes to...
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Get us a pair of bandana pants, stat!
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Clashing prints were all over New York and Milan Fashion Week, and, according to this look, taking the trend from runway to every day is easier than it seems.
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One more of thrice clashing prints, just for good measure.
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Do you know what the first of October means? Leather weather is officially back.
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The baggier the suits, the better this fall.
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Let's all take a moment to appreciate this mask-knit loungewear combo.
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A velveteen dream.
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With the right layering, bike shorts can still be weather-appropriate in October.
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Between the bow, the boots, and the bubble sleeves, this look is everything we never knew we needed for fall.
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The shrugs of the early aughts are officially back — and we're 100% here for it.
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Nothing says fall like cowboy boots and Telfar cable knits.
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It's official: we need a cow-print corset, effective immediately.
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Is it just us, or does this look give you major Boy Meets Girl vibes?
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Button-up skirt: check! Cowboy boots: check! Leather bomber: check! We'd give this look a 10/10.
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It's part sweater, part jacket — AKA the perfect fall fashion staple.
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From now on, you can refer to us as Bag Lady.
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We're 100% invested in this yellow-and-green ensemble.
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The key to making Bermuda shorts work in the fall is to pair them with over-the-knee boots.
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Whether you're going out for a socially distant outdoor dinner or staying in to lounge on the sofa, a little black dress will always be appropriate.
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Let the autumnal coat inspiration commence!
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