31 Outfits For Summer’s Final Month

For many of us who’ve spent the last five months at home in quarantine, getting dressed has been... interesting: Putting on jeans just to immediately swap them out for boxer shorts, wearing shoes for no more than 10 minutes a day (maybe), and spending a majority of our time in oversized button-downs and track shorts rather than our typical summertime uniform of sundresses and Scandi-approved flip-flops. Now, though, as temperatures have gone up, we’re starting to finally warm up (ha) to the idea of getting dressed up to carefully go to the park or a socially distant outdoor dinner. But one question remains: What does one wear now that we’re going outside slightly more? 

Everyone’s answer to that is likely to be different, with one person longing to wear their most formal dress again, while another wants to remain comfortable after months of quarantine dressing. Still, getting a little inspiration from those who’ve already tested out their summer style is a must. From ribbed bike shorts and sneakers to summery frocks and platform sandals, these 31 looks have a little bit of everything to solve even the toughest what-to-wear questions.


Find one that checks off all your sartorial boxes by clicking through the slideshow ahead. Whatever you chose, though, pair it with a mask.

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It's official: I'm never wearing anything but my wardrobe's recreation of this outfit.
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A five-in-one outfit post for the win.
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Pillow sandals and Telfar shopping bags can make any look — even one that consists only of an oversized T-shirt — look like a million bucks.
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The bigger the glasses, the better the outfit.
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Dainty slips with chunky boots will forever be a mood, no matter the season.
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Fashion is taking track shorts back from the sporting arena, once and for all.

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You know that we love a high-low fashion moment, but this tie-dye slip skirt paired with camping sandals is a step above the rest.
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The '00s called, they want their platform flip flops back (but we're, like, so not returning them).
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Say "I" if you stand behind the revival of terrycloth.
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Nothing says summer like a wicker tote and a linen button-down, am I right?
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Fact: every look could do with a baby Dior handbag.
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The mask game is only getting chicer by the day.
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Don't get us wrong, we still love a pair of flip flops just as much as we did during CFW.
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These days, wearing a bikini with a coordinating caftan is considered formalwear.
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Tiny tanks and drawstring pants are hot-weather dressing 101.
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Tie-dye and cut-offs will always be a go-to summer uniform.
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One moment while I buy every pair of crochet shorts on the World Wide Web.
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Orange you glad we found a link to buy this exact dress on Revolve? We thought you would be.
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White tanks and unbuttoned button-downs might just be our favorite dad trend of the summer.
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Little white dresses with rain boots are our favorite unexpected quarantine couple.
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Match your eyeshadow to your blouse for an added summer style moment.
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Match your dress to your bag, not the other way around.
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When the sun goes down and the crewnecks come out >>>
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Fendi predicted the return of '70s grandma dressing with its spring '20 collection. And according to this look, it's finally catching on.
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Of course, we had to include a blazer dress. It is summer, after all.
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All hail the summer knit!
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Do you prefer Bermuda-style cut-offs or something a little shorter? Share your thoughts on the perfect pair of denim shorts in the comments below.
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Even if you have nowhere to go, get all dressed up just to remember how it feels.
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An at-home tie-dye success story to rally behind.
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Smile, you're on camera (and wearing one hell of an outfit).
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I'll bet big on a tie-dye tiny dress every day of the week. You?
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