I Am Not Okay With This Stars An IT Girl & Other Up-And-Comers

Netflix's new series I Am Not Okay With This is produced by the same people who did Stranger Things, so it makes sense that I Am Not Okay With This also has a cast of up-and-coming young talents. Some of the series' stars are established in their field, but for most of them, this was one of the biggest projects they've done yet.

The series is centered around Sydney (IT star Sophia Lillis) a not-so-normal teenager — because she has superpowers. Only she just discovered them, and she doesn't know how to control them, so things get out of hand quickly. In the very first episode she accidentally gives her bestie's new boyfriend a nosebleed, and we won't spoil the ending, but it gets... let's just say explosive.


Although the series is produced by the Stranger Things team and directed by the same person as The End of the F***ing World, I Am Not Okay With This stands on its own as well. Part of that is due to the original story (also penned by End of the F***ing World author Charles Forsman), but a lot of it is to do with this talented cast and how well they mesh together.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sydney (Played By Sophia Lillis)

Who Is Sydney?
The show's protagonist, Sydney is a regular teenager with regular teenage problems... oh, and newly developed superpowers.

Where You've Seen Lillis
She played Beverly Marsh in both of the recent IT movies and also the younger version of Amy Adams in the HBO series Sharp Objects. She was also Nancy Drew in the 2019 movie Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Stanley Barber (Played By Wyatt Oleff)

Who Is Stanley?
Syd's sort of neighbor is a nerdy stoner who has a big crush on Sydney. The two become friends (and maybe more than friends) in their quest to also figure out what is going on with her new powers.

Where You've Seen Oleff
He was also in IT and IT: Chapter Two alongside Lillis. He played Stanley Uris in the films. He was also Young Peter Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sydney's Best Friend Dina (Played By Sofia Bryant)

Who Is Dina?
Sydney's bestie, Dina has also recently started dating the jerky jock Brad (Richard Ellis). This upsets Sydney more that it normally would, because she's also harboring a budding crush on Dina.

Where You've Seen Bryant
Probably in a commercial. She's done spots for Coca-Cola, Macy's, and Ring Pops. She's also been in one-off episodes of shows like Blue Bloods and The Good Wife.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Bradley Lewis (Played By Richard Ellis)

Who Is Brad?
Brad's a high school sports star who starts dating Syd's friend Dina. He's not a very nice guy to anyone, not even his girlfriend.

Where You've Seen Ellis
He's only been acting since 2017. In that time, he appeared on one episode of Veronica Mars (as Cocaine Johnny), a handful of episodes of Should I Do It?, and a couple of movies called Killer Therapy and The Wretched.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sydney's Mom Maggie (Played By Kathleen Rose Perkins)

Who Is Maggie?
Syd doesn't have the best relationship with her mom, but Maggie tries really hard. She lost her husband, is working long hours as a waitress, and her daughter is still pretty cruel to her.

Where You've Seen Perkins
She's been acting since 2001, so there are a lot of places you might have seen her. Notably, she played Carol Rance for six years on Episodes, Mey-Mey on Fresh Off the Boat, and had small roles in projects like American Horror Story, How I Met Your Mother, Gone Girl, and more.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sydney's Brother Liam (Played By Aidan Wojtak-Hissong)

Who Is Liam?
Syd's little brother is always trying to do his best not to be a bother to either his mother or sister. He gets picked on a lot in school. Liam is one of the only people Syd is genuinely kind to and vulnerable with.

Where You've Seen Wojtak-Hissong
He was recently in the USA show Falling Water, but he's also a voice actor. He recently voiced Leo in the PBS show Let's Go Luna! 
Photo: Courtesy of Jackson Frazer/Pasha Kalachev Photography.

Liam's Bully Richard (Played By Jackson Frazer)

Who Is Richard?
Richard is the class bully who comes after Liam. Syd tried to stand up to him once, but it only made things worse for her little brother.

Where You've Seen Frazer
His biggest role was as Caleb Houghton in the Outsiders TV show, but he's scheduled to play Sid in the upcoming Clifford the Big Red Dog movie.
Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images.

Ricky Berry (Played By Zachary S. Williams)

Who Is Ricky?
Another of the cool kids at school, Ricky throws a party for his birthday that leads to a whole lot of drama for Syd.

Where You've Seen Williams
He's acted in Family Reunion, I Am Frankie, Greenleaf, and more.
Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images.

Jenny Tuffield (Played By Sophia Tatum)

Who Is Jenny?
Syd's classmate Jenny DGAF about school, people's feelings, dating someone else's boyfriend, etc.

Where You've Seen Tatum
This is her second ever role and her first since the 2006 movie Salt.
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