I Am Not Okay With This Stars An IT Girl & Other Up-And-Comers

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's new series I Am Not Okay With This is produced by the same people who did Stranger Things, so it makes sense that I Am Not Okay With This also has a cast of up-and-coming young talents. Some of the series' stars are established in their field, but for most of them, this was one of the biggest projects they've done yet.
The series is centred around Sydney (IT star Sophia Lillis) a not-so-normal teenager — because she has superpowers. Only she just discovered them, and she doesn't know how to control them, so things get out of hand quickly. In the very first episode she accidentally gives her bestie's new boyfriend a nosebleed, and we won't spoil the ending, but it gets... let's just say explosive.
Although the series is produced by the Stranger Things team and directed by the same person as The End of the F***ing World, I Am Not Okay With This stands on its own as well. Part of that is due to the original story (also penned by End of the F***ing World author Charles Forsman), but a lot of it is to do with this talented cast and how well they mesh together.

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