30 Fall ~Fresh~ Looks To Try This November

Halloween might be over, but that doesn't mean that we're done playing dress-up — not even close. For the style-obsessed, every day is like Halloween in the sense that outfits are meticulously planned. Think of us like Cher (a.k.a. the Clueless character everyone dressed up as last night), but without the computerized closet to do the work for us.

With the weather cooling down and the amount of clothing we have to layer on going up, the outfit process can get tricky — even for us. How can we make our blanket scarves look intentional instead of utilitarian? How can we keep wearing our favorite summer dresses without, you know, freezing?


To counteract any what to wear in the fall-induced fatigue, we're letting you in on a little secret: the answer is all over Instagram. Think of the app as the portable version of Cher's closet, but with 10x the amount of outfits to choose from. To make the selection process a little bit easier, we went ahead and rounded up an outfit for everyone — and every day of the month — in the 30 slides ahead.

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Fact: the only thing better than plaid is mismatched plaid.
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We're officially naming today Bring Your Blanket To Work Day.
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Bermuda shorts are fall-appropriate as long as they're leather and paired with knee-high boots.
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Grandpa called, he wants his sweater back.
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A layer game we can get behind.
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An easy but a goodie.
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Now this, my friends, is how you master monochrome.
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Double the collars, double the fun.
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What'd we say about loafers and socks?
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A lesson on layering by Fanny Ekstrand.
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Scarecrow grandma, but make it fashion.
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The skirt that made pleats cool again.
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If you ask us, it's never too early for a holiday sequin moment.
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From the cowboy hat to the hiking boots, this outfit is everything we've been looking for since the first day of fall.
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BRB gotta go buy a gold satin jacket.
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Wild on the bottom, business on the top.
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Who else is green with envy over this sheer KkCo look?
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Is anyone else suddenly craving a McFlurry?
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When your work self and your weekend self finally meet.
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It's the wild, wild West out there, folks.
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A teddy moment.
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The sweater scarf strikes again.
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Who wants to go halfsies on a Burberry mini?
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Sports bra layering is a thing now, didn't you know?
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When in doubt, throw a leather jacket over it.
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Give me (faux) leather pants or give me death.
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Three words: Sweater Shoulder Pads.
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This outfit is so worth the chilly toes.
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We're all for head-to-toe zebra.
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The only boots we'll be lugging around this fall.
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