How Old Is The 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Cast?

It's not uncommon for teenagers in movies and TV to be portrayed by adult actors. Rachel McAdams was 25 when she played 16-year-old Regina George in Mean Girls, Ben McKenzie was 24 playing a sophomore in high school on The O.C., and Andrew Garfield was 28 when he played 17-year-old Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. Similarly, the cast of 13 Reasons Why season 3 are mostly in their 20s, with a couple of the actors in their 30s. In fact, the youngest of the bunch are 21-year-olds Devin Druid, who plays Tyler Down, and Bryce Cass, who plays Cyrus.

Part of the reason why these actors are so much older than their characters may come from the fact that the series was not originally intended to last beyond season 1. It's based on the book of the same name, and the first season covered the entirety of the source material. Producers also finalized the 13 Reasons Why cast in 2016, when some of these actors were actually still teenagers. It's just that the show lasted more seasons than anyone initially predicted, while the actual storyline didn't advance forward in time.


Season 3 takes place between two school years. Part of the series takes place in April, following the events of the 13 Reasons Why season 2 finale when most of the characters were juniors. Part of the show also picks back up in November when the characters are seniors. So, while all of them should be in the 16-18 range, the actors are significantly older. Here's how the cast stacks up age-wise to the characters they play.

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Dylan Minnette (Clay Jenson): Age 22

In season 3, Clay is one of the suspects in Bryce Walker's murder. As a senior now, if he's over 18, he could potentially be tried for the crime as an adult. In real life, actor Minnette is 22, but he's been acting since he was a child. You may have seen him as a young patient on Grey's Anatomy or as Jack's son in the Lost flash sideways episodes.
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Grace Saif (Ani): Age 23

With Hannah (Katherine Langford) officially gone from the show, the series brought in a new narrator in actress Grace Saif. She plays Ani on the show, who's also a high school senior like Clay. It's unclear what Saif's real age is, as it's not currently available online and her social media accounts are set to private. However, the 13 Reasons Why Wiki says she's 23, which would be in line with the other actors on the show. According to PopSugar, 13 Reasons Why is one of her first major roles. She's previously done mostly theater and voice acting work.
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Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis): Age 22

Jessica is also a senior at Liberty High. She's been through a lot in her time at that school, and season 3 doesn't look like it's going to go any easier on her. Boe, who plays Jessica, is 22 in real life, and left her high school days behind long ago. She's probably grateful for that, having previously told FansTang that high school wasn't the best time for her. (Is it for anybody?)

"My high school had a lot of problems with people who would send, you know, nudes or whatever, and then those guys would disrespect them and send them all over the school," Boe said. "I know a lot of girls who have gone through that and what that can do. Because when you're in high school, that's your whole world. If a whole group of people go against you, then you just be like, 'There's no tomorrow.'"
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Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley): Age 25

Justin has lived a hard life on 13 Reasons Why, experiencing abuse, homelessness, and drug addiction as just a high school student. Like his friends, Justin is also a senior. In real life, actor Flynn is 25, making him one of the older actors playing a teenager. He's only had a handful of small roles aside from 13 Reasons Why, which has been challenging due to the drug addiction storyline.

"As an actor, it scared the shit out of me," Flynn told Vice of the role. "I grew up on a couple of different movies that were fueled by drugs and heroin in particular. I really respected the actors and their subtlety within that sort of impediment. My biggest concern was first being truthful and honest to that journey with Justin."
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Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker): Age 25

Bryce was a senior in season 2, but is also a senior in season 3, meaning he likely didn't have his school work up to snuff to graduate on time. He transferred to another school after all the drama went down in season 2, and season 3 reveals that he's been murdered. The actor that plays Bryce is 25, giving him a little bit more life experience to take on the challenging role of playing such a complex character.

A few years ago, Prentice played another teenager on Glee. He was Becky's boyfriend Darrell in a couple of episodes in 2015 — when he was still in his 20s.
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Miles Heizer (Alex Standall): Age 25

Like Prentice and Flynn, Heizer is also 25 playing a high school senior. In 13 Reasons Why season 3, Alex continues to heal from his self-inflicted gunshot wound and he may also be one of the suspects in Bryce's murder. Alex isn't the only teen Heizer has played recently. He was also in the 2018 movie Love, Simon as one of Simon's classmates Cal. When Heizer was on NBC's Parenthood as Drew in 2015, he played a college sophomore at age 21.
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Devin Druid (Tyler Down): Age 21

Tied for youngest member of the 13 Reasons Why cast is Druid at just 21. Still, he's a few years older than his high school senior character Tyler. Druid had an especially challenging season 2 where he was sexually assaulted and almost became a school shooter. Unfortunately, those topics are real issues that actual teens have to face these days. "We can't sugarcoat it or censor it at all because that's not how these events happen," Druid told Entertainment Tonight about his character's assault.
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Ross Butler (Zach Dempsey): Age 29

Before he played Zach on 13 Reasons Why, Butler also played teenage Reggie Mantel on Riverdale (that role has since been recast). However, Butler is one of the oldest actors in the cast at 29 years old. Still, he plays high school senior Zach Dempsey, and he's pretty convincing in the role. Age is just a number, after all.
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Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla): Age 28

Since season 1, Tony seemed too old to be in high school, and he still seems too old in season 3. Yet, like his friends, Tony is a senior at the school, despite also working basically full time in his family's auto shop. It makes sense that Tony seems a little older than his friends, though, because actor Christian Navarro is actually 28. He told Ladders that he initially thought his age would discount him from getting the role.

"At first, I thought I wasn’t right for this role because I’m a little bit older, but it was an opportunity to put a Latino character who wasn’t defined by his sexuality, his race, his class…this guy is multifaceted. And there are not a lot of roles written like that," Navarro said.
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RJ Brown (Caleb): Age 29

Unlike most of the cast, Brown's character, Caleb, is not a high school student. He met Tony when he was coaching him through anger management. Caleb works full time at his gym, and he has his own apartment. He may not be 29 on the show, like the actor is, but Caleb is definitely older than the rest of the characters.

Back in 2013, Brown played another teenager on the short-lived Carrie Diaries series. He played high schooler Thomas West. Brown was still in his 20s when he took that role on, though.
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Timothy Granaderos (Montgomery de la Cruz): Age 32

Granaderos is the oldest actor in the cast at 32. He portrays high school senior Monty, who is more than a decade younger. Back in 2011, the actor had a small role in Selena Gomez's music video for "Love You Like A Love Song," (seen at 2:40 here). Eight years later he's starring on 13 Reasons Why, which is a Selena Gomez-produced series.
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Anne Winters (Chloe Rice): Age 25

Bryce Walker's ex-girlfriend is likely also a senior, but she's played by 25-year-old Winters. Playing a younger character meant that Winters had to step inside the mind of someone who may have made choices that Winters herself wouldn't — notably, sticking by Bryce after learning that he'd sexually assaulted so many people.

"[She] was in a relationship, and any girl in high school that’s in a relationship, as much as she wants to say that she values her friends and she values girls over the guy, she doesn't," Winters told Cosmopolitan. "I think that she was trying to protect Bryce but try to [keep] good reputation with her girls and her peers. I think she also just gets really intimidated by Bryce."

Bex Taylor-Klaus (Casey): Age 25

Taylor-Klaus plays a new character in season 3, who interacts with Jessica. Casey is an upperclassman, which puts the character around age 16 or 17.

The actor, who prefers they/them pronouns is 25 and previously played "Sin" on the CW's Arrow and Hannah in Netflix's movie-slash-Dolly Parton homage, Dumplin'.
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Michele Selene Ang (Courtney Crimsen): Age 25

According to Instagram, Ang turned 25 in February. "Let the quarter life crisis begin!" she captioned her birthday post. On the show, Ang plays Courtney, who was a senior in Season 2. That means she'll have graduated as of season 3, and may not be on the show as much. High school doesn't last forever, even on TV.
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Bryce Cass (Cyrus): Age 21

Both Cyrus and his sister Mackenzie attend Liberty High and it's unclear which of them is older or younger. However, it's likely that Cyrus is a senior like his friend Tyler, since they're the ones who initially hit it off. Like Tyler actor Devin Druid, Cyrus actor Bryce Cass is also 21. That makes them both the youngest stars on the show. Cass has been acting since he was young, with roles on Barney & Friends, ER, and in The Guardian when he was around 10 years old.
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Chelsea Alden (Mackenzie): Age 31

If Mackenzie is Cyrus' younger sister, she's certainly not the younger actor. Alden, who plays Mackenzie, is 31 and the second-oldest actor on the show. The actress told Fansided that she actually wished she'd been more like Mackenzie in high school. "I like to describe her as being confident in herself and her own point of view," Alden said. "She's honest, non-judgmental and kind of a breath of fresh air."

Tyler Barnhardt (Charlie Saint): Age 26

Barnhardt is one of the newcomers to season 3. He'll play another high school student, but, in real life, he turned 26 this past January. Not too much is known about his 13 Reasons Why character yet, but it's not Barnhardt's first role. He previously had parts on Bull, Underground, Turn: Washington's Spies, and Scorpion, to name a few.
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