29-Year-Old Mom Who Disappeared After A Date "Could Be In Danger," Police Say

Women and girls go missing every day.

As of the end of 2018, the FBI had about 85,000 active missing persons records, according to the agency's National Crime Information Center (NCIC). On average, over 600,000 people are typically reported missing in a year, about half of them women and girls.


But while every missing person deserves attention, the media gives certain cases of missing women and girls disproportionate coverage, particularly those of white women and people from more privileged backgrounds. A 2016 Northwestern University School of Law study found disparities in how the media covers missing white women and missing women of color.

You may have already heard about Jennifer Dulos, the Connecticut mother of five who went missing from her New Canaan house in May. Her husband and his girlfriend were arrested in connection with her disappearance and compared her case to Gone Girl (which the author of the book condemned). But it's not likely that you've heard of the other women and girls we included in this story.

Ahead, we've highlighted the cases of women and girls who went missing in 2019 you may not have heard of.

We will continue to update this story.

Photo: Courtesy of Erika Gaytan.

Erika Gaytan

Erika Andrea Gaytan, 29, went missing after a concert date at the El Paso County Coliseum on July 13, 2019. El Paso, TX, police issued a missing persons report and said Gaytan "could be in danger." Police said they are following up on multiple leads, but that "specific details will not be released because doing so could hinder the investigation."

Gaytan reportedly made several Facebook posts from the concert before she disappeared. The man she was on a date with said they parted when she called for an Uber. Viktor Renovato, the father of her 7-year-old son, told KFOX14 that they had been texting the night of the concert.

"Anything she's doing, she always has her phone," Renovato said. "This is not like her. ... She's a really good mother. She's been with my son, whatever he's needed. My son loves her. So, she's a really good person. The friendliest person that I could have met."

Renovato said he gave police access to his phone and is helping with the investigation. "I’m here, whatever they need. If it’s the police, the detectives, anybody who wants to talk to me, I’m more than happy to help out," he said.

Gaytan is described as 5'4'' and around 120 pounds, with a piercing on her bottom lip, and was last seen wearing a white dress. If you have any information, you can contact the El Paso police at 915-832-4400.
Photo: Courtesy of the Memphis Police.

Hannah Pickette

Hannah Pickette, 27, went missing in Memphis after an argument with her boyfriend, Fox 13 reported on July 12, 2019. Police said she had bipolar disorder and was "under the influence," and refused to go to Lakeside Behavioral Health System. She's described as 5'6'' and around 200 pounds. If you have any information, you can call the Memphis Police Department at 901-528-CASH.
Photo: Courtesy of the DC Metropolitan Police.

Leidy Karina Guevara

Leidy Karina Guevara, 16, was last seen on July 8, 2019, in Southeast Washington, D.C. She's described as 5'3'' and around 164 pounds. If you have any information, you can contact the D.C. police at 202-576-6768 or 202-727-9099.
Photo: Courtesy of the Calumet County Sheriff's Office.

Melissa Estrella Vasquez-Gonzalez

Melissa Estrella Vasquez-Gonzalez, 14, was last seen in her New Holstein, WI-area home on July 7, 2019. She was reportedly in the passenger's seat of a red car that drove away from the home. The Calumet County Sheriff's Office has released a photo of two men with whom authorities say Melissa may be. She's described as 5'2'' and around 140 pounds. If you have any information, you can contact the Calumet County Sheriff's Office at 920-849-2335.
Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Dulos’ Facebook.

Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos, 50, went missing from her New Canaan, CT, home on May 24, 2019, after dropping off her five children at school. Fotis Dulos, her estranged husband, is the prime suspect in connection with her disappearance and maintains his innocence. In the two years since their separation, the two have engaged in a custody battle, according to NBC News. Jennifer Dulos has accused Fotis Dulos of "irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening, and controlling behavior."

Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, who were both arrested for tampering with evidence in the case, together with their legal team, floated a "Gone Girl theory" in connection to her disappearance. In the Gillian Flynn novel and movie of the same name, a woman fakes her disappearance while the media focuses on her husband as the prime suspect. Flynn herself condemned the theory. "It absolutely sickens me that a work of fiction written by me would be used by Fotis Dulos' lawyer as a defense, and as a hypothetical, sensationalized motive behind Jennifer’s very real and very tragic disappearance," she said in a statement.

If you have any information, you can contact the New Canaan, CT, police tip line at 203-594-3544 or email FindJenniferDulos@newcanaanct.gov.

Katelyn La Rue

Katelyn La Rue, 17, was last seen in San Diego on April 21, 2019. Authorities say they believe she may still be in San Diego. Her mother Crystal Vargas told Fox 5 San Diego that Katelyn left behind a note that reads: "Hey mom, you're probably thinking where am I right now, well, to put you at ease, I'm safe. I love you a lot and, yes, even though I am your daughter and you might hate me after this, or just get worried, just know I'm fine. I love you a lot and I’ll be back home soon. I'll keep in contact with you to let you know I'm safe. XOXO love Katelyn."

She's described as 5'4'' and around 150 pounds. If you have any information, you can contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 800-843-5678 or San Diego police at 619-531-2000.
Photo: Courtesy of the Levelland Police Department.

Taylor Phillips

Taylor Phillips, 25, was reported missing in May, according to the Levelland Police Department in Levelland, TX. She has not been heard from since February. "The police report indicated that Taylor was to inherit some money on her 25th birthday, which was in May, but did not claim it," according to local KLVT News. If you have any information, you can call Levelland police at 806-894-6164.
Photo: Courtesy of Laredo Police.

Myriam Camarillo

Update: Joseph Steven Carrizales, 26, the suspect arrested in connection with the disappearance of Myriam Camarillo, 27, claims he doesn't know how she died. Laredo, TX, police said he told them they had "cocaine and sex at his home," according to LMT Online, and that he fell asleep and woke up next to her dead body. Afraid of calling the police, he said he at first tried to hide the body.

On Saturday, Carrizales was arrested and charged with tampering and fabricating physical evidence, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

“Our worst fears were confirmed when her body was discovered... This case is a tragic one, but there’s a lot of investigation to uncover,” police investigator Joe E. Baeza told LMT Online. “We as a department send our most sincere condolences to the family of Myriam Camarillo and her mother.”

The cause of death is still being investigated, he said. He said there was no indication that Camarillo was kidnapped.

Camarillo was last seen on July 7, 2019, around 2 a.m., leaving a downtown bar in Laredo with Carrizales.
Photo: Courtesy of the Detroit Police.

Mildred Brown

Update: Detroit police located Mildred Brown, 60, on July 11, 2019. Brown, whose caregiver said she was concerned for her safety because of some mental health difficulties, had last been seen on July 7, 2019.
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