NYC’s Trendiest Nail Salon Just Dropped New Polishes — & They’re Dreamy

If you're in downtown Manhattan and find yourself admiring a cool manicure — maybe on the girl standing next to you on the subway platform or the person one table over at brunch — chances are, she got her nails done at Paintbox. The in-demand studio, just off the cobblestones of Crosby Street, has garnered a reputation as the spot for chic and minimalist nail art. Each piece in the lookbook is designed with the most unique (and universally flattering) color combinations.

But before this summer, the Paintbox aesthetic had been exclusive to New York, and it can be hard to snag an appointment even if you're a local. Luckily, this past June, the brand brought the trendy salon vibes to everyone with a new collection of nail polish that's available both online and in the NYC location. The collection, called Power Couples, is being sold as color duos — and it took the brand's chief creative officer, Eleanor Langston, five years of shade formulation to perfect the tones.


"We’ve been lucky enough to do more than 117,000 manicures at our SoHo studio," explains Langston in an email to Refinery29 back in June. "Our artists truly know what nail colors flatter all skin tones — the unexpected shades that look beautiful together. Our curated Power Couple pairs are approachable, experimental, artful, and meant to encourage people to step outside their single-color comfort zone."

The range started with three Power Couples Sets, then came a fourth, and now, there's a brand-new duo in the picture: rain and blush. Shop them as a perfect pairing or as individual bottles; either way, you'll be equipped to create your own cool-girl manicure this fall — no matter your zip code.

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Like Rain + Like Blush Power Couple

Imagine the color of the sky during a calming late-afternoon rainstorm and the radiant pink tone you see as the sun comes up the next morning. “This cool pairing was inspired by the colors from a slate-gray fall thunderstorm and a romantic, chalky-blush sky the morning after the rain," Langston says.
Paintbox Paintbox Power Couple Like Rain + Like Blush$40.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Rain

This bluish-gray is moody with an undertone of mystery. Think of it as the cool autumnal take on baby blue.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer Like Rain$22.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Blush

This milky carnation shade is the poetic complement to the stormy blue.
Paintbox Paintbox Nail Lacquer Like Blush$22.00 Buy

Like Mystery + Like Magic Power Couple

The sparkly sheer pairing was born out of the salon demand for a mani that combined neutrals with glitter accents. “This modern pairing was inspired by our creative, stylish clients at our 17 Crosby Street studio," Langston explains. "We noticed how they were often pairing soft nude shades with reflective glitters for a low-key, downtown update on luminosity. The glitter tone turns your nails into an instant accessory."
Paintbox Power Couple Like Mystery + Like Magic$40.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Mystery

The faint undertone of mauve pink in this neutral sand shade gives the polish a uniquely warm, almost milky effect that's flattering across all skin tones.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Mystery$22.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Magic

Everyone needs a sparkly polish in their collection, and this one is perfect because it has a champagne pearl base and fine-grain gold flecks that give your nails a sophisticated kind of shine.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Magic$22.00 Buy

Like Desire + Like Dreams Power Couple

Powerful cherry red is matched with the softest whisper of lilac in this color pairing. Langston says that both shades read as opaque and vibrant, which is why they work so well together.
Paintbox Power Couple Like Desire + Like Dreams$40.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Desire

Langston tells us red is the most requested shade at Paintbox, so she wanted to create the perfect tone: a slightly warm, saturated cherry.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Desire$22.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Dreams

The same way white nail polish pops against the skin, the creamy undertones in this pale lilac shade make it a chic pick for summer.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Dreams$22.00 Buy

Like Wild + Like Wonder Power Couple

“This duo feels minimalist, natural, and surprisingly tranquil," explains Langston of the sky-pine combo. "Our creative team nailed the mossy green color, which is so difficult to create, and the soft blue is a strong, luminous classic that’s unintimidating.”
Paintbox Power Couple Like Wild + Like Wonder$40.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Wild

Green nail polish can be tricky. Too bright and you get slime; too dark and you get a swampy vibe. This polish hits the sweet spot: an earthy emerald — evergreen, if you will.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Wild$22.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Wonder

This powdery blue has just a hint of sweet mint undertones, which gives it a fresh shine.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Wonder$22.00 Buy

Like Spice + Like Spring Power Couple

Langston describes this pairing as an ode to vintage Palm Springs. “This calming pairing was inspired by terracotta trends in interior design and California in the '70s," she explains. "It’s a laid-back vibe, slightly retro — like the Thelma and Louise of all the couples."
Paintbox Power Couple Like Spice + Like Spring$40.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Spice

Found: your perfect terracotta. This cinnamon-brick shade has warm ginger and caramel undertones.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Spice$22.00 Buy

Paintbox Nail Polish in Like Spring

Imagine a glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade brimming with ice cubes, and you have Like Spring. The citrus pastel will convince you that barely-there yellow is the shade your nails have been missing.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Spring$22.00 Buy
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