Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth's Real Life Friendship Is So Pure, It Hurts

Hollywood has given us many great on-screen duos, but very rarely do they translate to off-screen friendships. Even rarer is when a friendship actually jumps from one franchise to another, but that’s exactly what Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have done. The two first paired up for Thor: Ragnarok (and later reunited for Avengers: Endgame) and are now starring in another movie together this year, Men In Black: International. Honestly, what have we done to deserve a second dose of the two of them together in 2019?

Whatever it is, let’s keep it up. In Men In Black: International Hemsworth and Thompson play coworkers (or, even more accurate, “friends from work”) and the two start on a jet setting adventure around the globe to try and stop — what else? — some alien invasions. So yes, these two clearly have an MO when it comes to working together on movies, but if it means a constant stream of behind-the-scenes posts and silly interviews from these buds, we’ll take it.


Whether you’ve been shipping Hemsworth and Thompson’s friendship from the very beginning or have now only just discovered it and are looking to fall down a Hempson hole (that’s a name I just coined for the two of them!), here are some of their best social media posts. We stan a beautiful friendship.

Tessa & Chris Keeping It Cool On The MIB International Set

Sometimes the simplest picture is the best picture. Captioning the photo “buds in black,” Thompson shows us that friends who trek through the desert together in suits holding giant black umbrellas, stay together.
That Time Chris & Tessa Sent A Birthday Message To A Fellow Avenger

Everyone loves Robert Downey, Jr.! Also, the hilarious video is basically a full, hilarious explanation of this duo's friendship.
Tessa, Chris, & Some Nuts

This one requires the sound on for the accompanying video, where Thompson calls Hemsworth her favorite nut. He’s talking about nuts himself — but not the male anatomy part — since they’re currently filming by a nut stand. Who even allowed Hemsworth to tell jokes in the first place??
Tessa & Chris: Partners In Solving Space Crimes

It might just be a regular still from the movie, but leave it to Hemsworth to make it exciting. He captures the picture completely over-explaining everything in his caption:

"#FBF shooting MIB with my partner in galaxy protection @tessamaethompson when we were ripping aliens a new one. From memory, this shot was taken in between set ups when Tessa and I noticed some criminal activity on the streets in London. We immediately drew our laser guns and took down one of the largest crime syndicates in the city. Happy to say the streets of London are now safe again. You’re welcome world. "

Never change, Chris.
Tessa & Chris: Selfie Specialists

Hemsworth’s wrap post is short and sweet, completely with a handful of behind-the-scenes pictures. How many more selfies do you think he has of him and Thompson stashed away on his phone?
HBD, Tessa Thompson!

You know real friendship means posting a picture of them on their birthday, and Hemsworth didn’t forget to wish Thompson a happy one in 2018. However, it does not appear that Thompson wished Hemsworth a happy birthday on his respective big day, but there’s always next year.

We should all spend more time talking about the Revengers (aka, the non-Avengers, aka Thompson and Hemsworth's Thor & Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok), and Hemsworth is at least trying to get a hashtag started with #Revengers4Life. Considering the only movie we want right now is Thor 4, hopefully we’ll see the Revengers back in action again.
Tessa & Chris = The New Fred & Ginger

Thompson comparing herself and Hemsworth to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is honestly precious:

"#FBF to me & @chrishemsworth (the ‘Fred’ to my ‘Ginger’) saving the universe, YES, even with sand in our shoes. Also, it was casual Friday for the galaxy defenders— that’s why we lost the jackets— which was handy because it was the Sahara."

Those two movie legends made 10 movies together, so that means Thompson and Hemsworth still have seven more to go (if not more — please make more).
Even. More. Selfies.

It’s time for goofy faces on the set of Men In Black: International, with Thompson suggesting Hemsworth is the ying to her yang.
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