Tessa Thompson Is The Most Epic Part Of The New Men In Black International Trailer

Credit: Giles Keyte.
Oh snap is right. The first trailer for the Men In Black spinoff, Men In Black International, dropped Thursday morning, and in addition to reminding us that Fergie's "London Bridge" is a banger, it's just further proof that we should be giving Tessa Thompson all the roles. The Sorry To Bother You actress stars as Agent M in the 2019 future blockbuster, and in this new trailer, we see exactly how she ends up in the organization.
"It took me 20 years to find you," Thompson says. "How many people can say that? You are the best-kept secret in the universe, and I found you."
What ensues is a scene I'd like to get tattooed on my eyeballs. Emma Thompson, who plays Agent O, suits up Tessa Thompson and with a cock of her eyebrow, she's sent to London. That means teaming up with old Thor Ragnarok pal Chris Hemsworth, who seems to take a little inspiration from his role in Ghostbusters when he wakes up from his morning nap and asks for tacos.
The rest of the trailer, with the shots of fancy cars and Thompson and Hemsworth running dramatic, would feel like pandering if it didn't look so cool. Our two agents have a way of being as formidable as they are goofy, with just as many wise-cracks as there are stunts. This literally might be the perfect movie.
Men In Black International comes to theaters June 14, 2019. Watch the trailer below.

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