The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt Has One Major Thing In Common With Every Dude On Tinder

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

He may be known as the "music guy" on Hannah's Bachelorette season, but on Instagram, Jed Wyatt is also the "baby animal guy." You probably know a version of Jed from your days scrolling through Tinder. Men posing with adorable puppies, kittens, and bunnies is the updated version of the "guy with dead fish" photos. A lot of guys finally got the memo that prospective dates don't really wanna see what things you've killed. Since then, guys have gone the alternate route of "look at all the fluffy and alive things that tolerate me holding them."


Jed's animal posing days on Instagram began a long, long time ago (although it's worth noting that he does have a dead fish pic too). In 2012 he posted a throwback picture of him as a kid holding a cat, and then it just continued from there. He's posted pictures of himself holding bunnies, kittens, puppies, and even a little turtle. It should come as no surprise that Jed has combined his baby animal pictures with another favorite male Tinder pose — the shirtless selfie. Here he is shirtless and cuddling a kitten:

Here he is shirtless and cuddling a puppy:

And much like Tinder bros post photos of themselves with other people's babies (with the inevitable bio disclaimer: "this is my niece/nephew/godchild/friend's baby not mine"), Jed posts photos with adorable animals who are also seemingly not his.


Look, everyone loves a baby animal. You'd be a psychopath not to, so it is a good indication that Jed has a long history of loving tiny creatures.

But let's call it what it is: a kinder, gentler thirst trap.

He can sing you a song and also cuddle you shirtless like you are the puppy. Will this Tinder-esque attitude work on Hannah? Well, without the puppies and kittens as props, Jed's gonna have to try a little harder to show Hannah his nurturing side. But we're sure he'll figure something out.

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