Alexa Chung's Latest Collection Just Landed & It's Aptly Named 'Fantastic'

In need of a wardrobe overhaul for the new year? You're in luck. On Wednesday, Alexa Chung launched the third collection from her eponymous brand, and it has a whole host of desirable items to update your look for 2018. Featuring T-shirts, oversized tailoring, feminine dresses, covetable corduroy (the fashion comeback of 2017), and a selection of boots that we can't wait to get our feet in. The aptly named 'Fantastic' collection is a colorful celebration of the '90s music scene, drawing inspiration from Britpop and the vibrant creativity in British culture that it conjured up. Influenced by both the music and attire of seminal bands such as Blur, Oasis, and Suede, who embodied a time when the country was alive and rebelling against the establishment, the '90s were also, of course, when Chung herself came of age.

"It's important for me to create something both timeless and timely. This collection embodies Britpop and translates that creative spirit into silhouettes for the current generation. For want of a better word, it's fantastic," creative director, Chung explains. The versatile offering is intended to be experimentally and playfully styled, catering to varying personal aesthetics and contrasting vibes which many of us flit between daily. There are sporty elements, such as hoodies and sweaters for a streetwear twist, but these feature alongside check jackets and coats, graphic T-shirts, mini skirts, silk blouses, and lace dresses.

Whether you're hyper-girly or more into a tomboy silhouette, there's an item for you and the collection continues to explore the relationship between masculine and feminine, a constant thread which has run through the ALEXACHUNG brand since its launch in May 2017. Via sets of badges, boots, blouses, and boiler suits, this is the label's strongest collection yet, and we can't wait to see ALEXACHUNG continue to strengthen its identity in the months and years to come.

ALEXACHUNG Dark Wash Flared Jeans, 320,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Fantastic Red Flocked Black T-shirt, 135,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Fantastic Pink Glitter Ivory T-shirt, 120,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Multicolour Rib Insert Hoodie, 290,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Fantastic Red Flocked Sweatshirt, 255,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Fantastic Pink Glitter Sweatshirt, 270,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Blue Hooded Parka, 940,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Red Hardcore Motif Ivory T-shirt, 120,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Dark Wash Triple Stitch Jeans, 305,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Silver Moon Brooch, 110,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Silver Moon Pin Earrings, 170,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Silver Cigarette Necklace, 205,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Pale Blue Cut Out Back Dress, 560,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Silver Lurex Blouse, 375,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Gold Love Pendant Necklace, 135,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Ac Monogram Jacquard Skirt, 345,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Black Heavy Tread Flat Boot, 520,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Lilac Heavy Tread Flat Boot, 520,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Ac Monogram Jacquard Cardigan, 525,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Ac Monogram Jacquard Bikini Top, 330,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Checked Cut Out Plaid Dress, 525,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Washed Black Hardcore Sweatshirt, 270,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG White Hardcore Motif Black T-shirt, 135,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Silver Lurex Key Hole Maxi Dress, 575,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Quilted Ski Jumper, 505,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Multicolour Rib Insert Trackpants, 220,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Green Cardigan Stitch Stripe Jumper, 330,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Robot Face Intarsia Jumper, 400,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Navy Reverse Stripe Jumper, 280,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Gold Love Earrings, 150,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Black Victorian Lace Up Boot, 620,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Ankle Wrap Mid Heel Slingback, 450,00 $ Buy
ALEXACHUNG Chantilly Lace Gathered Front Dress, 700,00 $ Buy
appearance by Annie Georgia Greenberg; hosted by Beatrice Copeland.
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