34 Sexy Halloween Stories That’ll Inspire You For The Big Night

As a kid, Halloween is all about the candy and getting spooked. But as an adult, the holiday becomes a lot sexier. Whether you're into sexy costumes, role play, or trying out some new kinks, All Hallows' Eve is a prime time for adults to get their freak on — especially this year, when there's less incentive to leave the house.

From hooking up in a haunted house to some of the most hilarious costume pairings, the good denizens of Reddit have shared some seriously wild Halloween tales. We've rounded up a ton of Reddit's best stories to get you in the mood. Some you'll want to try at home, some you'll want to tell at your virtual Halloween party, and some (like the Mr. Rogers thing) you may want to promptly forget.

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Superbowl throwback.

"Most recently I was left shark getting head from my GF, who was Katy Perry."

—Reddit user ENDofZERO

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Easy access for a quickie.

"I was sailor moon. Short skirt allowed easy access for a quickie... My boyfriend was a lederhosen."

—Reddit user Louisianimal913

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I go to a kinky Halloween party every year.

"I go to a kinky Halloween party every year... Me and my boyfriend usually leave with a girl, and this last year we had a foursome with another couple and it all started in costume... It was with friends of ours and we started kissing at the bar, and when we went to get our jackets to leave, she started kissing my boyfriend and pulled his dick out of his pants to lick it. Luckily we live close by lol... Luckily me and the guy are both cucks so we got to watch them fuck like 2 minutes later, I think next year we should all try to match costumes."

—Reddit user anonymph0

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I told him to "Let it go."

"I was dressed as Elsa, when my boyfriend was close, I told him to 'Let it go.' He was not impressed, but otherwise it was good."

—Reddit user aloise08

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She was Batman.

"Hooked up as Batman and Robin. She was Batman."

—Reddit user notcaptainkirk

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There's something about me in a suit that she likes.

"We threw a Halloween party last year. Through the Looking Glass-themed. She was Alice and I was the Mad Hatter. There is something about me in a suit that she likes, so about midway through the party we had to take a quick break. It was amazing."

—Reddit user Mr_Smartass

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Unraveling me for 15 minutes was the best part.

"I went as a mummy one year, wrapped in actual cloth. I got lucky that night. Unraveling me for 15 minutes was the best/funniest part!"

—Reddit user Nilirai

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[Insert devil emoji]

"I fucked the devil."

—Reddit user baconmod

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I went to a Halloween sex party.

"I went to a Halloween sex party last night… The strangest thing to me was having to find the bits and pieces of clothing and costume as we were trying to leave and having to navigate through a sea of sex acts for the lost sock and pants."

—Reddit user imadethisanonymous

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I hooked up with Slenderman.

"I hooked up with Slenderman. Let's just say he's not so slender down there, if you know what I mean."

—Reddit user llamabooks

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Our costumes were incompatible.

"My GF and I tried, but it didn't work too well: a gladiator having sex with a bunny just isn't meant to be."

—Reddit user Akechetas

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Princess Peach for the win.

"I bagged Indiana Jones while I was Princess Peach."

—Reddit user mrsharlot

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Picture this: Sexy Olaf the snowman.

"I made out with my crush at a party while dressed up as sexy Olaf the snowman. All my friends joked that I was going to 'get impaled.'"

—Reddit user insertusernamehere9

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He ended up locking himself outside... naked.

"Went to a party, the theme was 'Enchantment Under the Sea Dance/Zombie Jamboree,' so some people dressed up like zombies. I didn't know most of the people. Highlights: We made 1,000 jello shots, my friend lost his virginity, and one of the neighbors thought, oohhh college party, better show up naked and ready to dance! and ended up locking himself out of his house without any clothing."

—Reddit user mompants69

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A drunken threesome.

"Had a drunken threesome with a sexy girl baseball player and Mr. Rodgers (I was a sexy nun)." [sic]

—Reddit user earthsalibra

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A sexy surprise.

"I'm surprising my partner this year with a Poison Ivy costume. He's a pretty big fan of DC, and a fan of my legs, so hopefully he'll like it."

—Reddit user brokenbutterfly

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I asked Harley Quinn on a date.

"While dressed as Batman on Halloween I asked Harley Quinn on a date. Both of us agreed not to reveal our real names or faces."

—Reddit user readcommentbackwards

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Batman and the Flash got fucked by Superman.

"I was dressed up as Batman, my friend was dressed up as the Flash, and my fuck bud was dressed as Superman. Long story short, Batman and the Flash got fucked by Superman."

—Reddit user stnup

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The cuddles were dino-mite.

"Fred Flintstone took me to Bedrock…the cuddles were dino-mite."

—Reddit user LenientWhale

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Leslie Knope for the win.

"My Leslie Knope costume helped me hook up with a cute boy at a Halloween party. Excellent kisser 10/10."

—Reddit user buttwag

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The secret life of teachers.

"Another high school teacher party story, went to a public party hosted by a radio station with a DJ and found a co-teacher there dressed as a dominatrix, who was drunk, in stilettos, holding a man down on the floor by her feet."

—Reddit user Litl1

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We had sex in the haunted house.

"Last year we were going back to my apartment, but the weather changed so bad that we got lost. We found an old haunted house; no one was there. I took off my shirt and jacket to make her warm, and to make it short we had sex in the haunted house."

—Reddit user Al3xTh3N00B

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We played strip-or-treating.

"We played Strip-or-treating. Whenever the doorbell rings, everyone takes off a piece of clothing! Whoever is most dressed has to give the kids some candy."

—Reddit user redrhysk

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I had sex on the roof.

"I had sex on the roof of the honors dorm of my college. She was dressed as a devil and bent over the side of the building. I was dressed as a chef."

—Reddit user mike_d85

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We were covered in fake blood.

"Ex-wife and I had sex right after a zombie pub crawl. We were covered in fake blood. It was sticky and awful."

—Reddit user doctor_why

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We're both going as Rosie the Riveter.

"I wanted to have sex with this girl I've been hitting on, but now doubly so since I found out we're both going as Rosie the Riveter this year. Boy would that be hot."

—Reddit user Zillatamer

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My makeup was all over her face.

"Dressed as a clown once and got laid in a shed behind a frat house. My makeup was all over her face."

—Reddit user Iwantmypasswordback

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Who comes first...

"We’re going as a chicken and an egg. We'll find out who comes first."

—Reddit user WalropsHunter

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Laid in a lobster costume.

"Friend of mine got laid in a lobster costume. We were equally surprised he had sex as we were that he did it in costume."

—Reddit user keevenowski

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One of the most bizarre nights I've had.

"Dressed as Sweeney Todd I ended up hooking up with a sexy spider...one of the more bizarre nights I've had."

—Reddit user nikezoom6

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Sexy role play costume sex ensued.

"I went as Harley Quinn one year (way before suicide squad) and my boyfriend went as the joker. Sexy role play costume sex ensued, and it was awesome."

—Reddit user cldumas

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She named herself Socra-tease.

"A chick dressed up in a skimpy toga and a beard and named herself 'Socra-tease.'"

—Reddit user pimpinthelibrary

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Weird Halloween costume duplicate sex.

"If you want to talk weird Halloween costume duplicate sex, there was 2014 where I had sex in a costume involving a horse mask, with a girl also wearing a horse mask."

—Reddit user Zillatamer

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A purr-fect pair.

"I was a cat and I made my boyfriend dress up as a ball of yarn. I batted him around for a few hours."

—Reddit user Honey_Baked

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