7 Times Women Brilliantly Shut Down Beauty Shamers

Beauty, to us, is fun, happy, and colorful — something to be celebrated. But it sure seems to inspire a lot of negativity in some corners of the internet. Unfortunately, it's all too common for people to leave hateful comments on the social media accounts of celebrities, models, bloggers, and anyone else who happens to be on the main page on a given day. The reality is that most women, at one point or another, have been shamed for wearing their makeup — or hair or self-tanner or... — a certain way.

That's why it's so powerful to see stars, makeup artists, and YouTubers clap back at the trolls — usually in an inspiring and articulate manner, too. Ahead, we've rounded up some our favorite beauty take-downs to date. Let them serve as an important reminder that expressing yourself through beauty is a personal choice that requires no explanation.

Zendaya responded to a Twitter troll — who had the gall to say her makeup-free face "scared" him (WTF?) — with some grade-A sarcasm.

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When Emily Ratajkowski attended the Women's March on Washington, she brought along a powerful sign that shared a little Naomi Wolf (and lipstick) wisdom.
The patron saint of the no-makeup movement posted the perfect response to critics of her decision: "Do you!"

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YouTuber NikkieTutorials has just launched a campaign called #SHEUnites in partnership with MakeupPlus and the Peacemakers Network. The goal? To end makeup-shaming everywhere through empowerment.
One makeup artist clapped back at haters who claimed her $75 service fee was too high, with a complete price breakdown. Boom.
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