You Can Now Get The Coolest Hair Color In L.A. — Wherever You Live

If you want dreamy rainbow hair, the man to see is Guy Tang. People fly from all over the world for a chance to sit in the LA colorist’s chair, which churns out the coolest, most mesmerizing creations this side of Instagram. (Phoenix, denim, opal — all him.)

The one problem? He hasn’t taken any new clients — for three years.


Instead, the artist focuses on education, generously sharing his techniques — down to the exact blends — through his wildly popular YouTube page. (His video on unicorn hair has nearly 5 million views alone.)

And today, Tang is making it even easier for others to achieve his signature aesthetic. The colorist just announced his own full range of professional hair color, #Mydentity, which includes pre-mixed formulas of his favorite on-trend hues like rose gold, smoky lavender, and silver. Even better, the exclusive technology, available to stylists directly through his website, makes the hair color more brilliant, less prone to heat damage, and less likely to fade.

“I’ve always shared my formulas on my YouTube channel or Instagram, but back then it was, ‘mix 20 grams of this with 50 grams of this and 5 grams of this.’ It’s so confusing to people and now that it’s all done in one tube, people can have that foundation and take it to the next level,” Tang told Refinery29, exclusively.

To celebrate the launch, we asked Tang to break down his biggest hair color predictions for 2017 — and specifically what to ask for from your colorist to get them. It’s not an appointment in his salon, but, we have to say, it’s pretty damn close.

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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
What to ask for: Icy lavender

Tang naturally gravitates toward metallics and cool tones because of his wardrobe. "I always wear black, grey, and beige — and even my phone is rose gold," he says.

And while this look technically still falls under the pink-and-lavender camp, it's on the way, way cooler side. To get it, he removed all the yellow from the hair for a pure canvas before depositing lavender, silver, and swirls of rose.
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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
What to ask for: Brown amethyst

Yes, it's possible to get the rainbow look without bleaching the crap out of your hair — and this dusty purple hue proves it.

Tang used the same demi-permanent Dusty Lavender color you saw on his blonde models — but this time glazed it over brown hair with ombré highlights. "The picture doesn't even do it justice," he says. "When the light hits her head, her brown hair looks violet."
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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
What to ask for: Rose-gold ombré

What a difference a base makes. Tang used #Mydentity Rose Gold for this look too, but instead layered it over the model's brown ombré hair for a more subdued look.

"This allowed the lighter pieces to get that rose gold feel, without looking too overdone," says Tang. "It's wearable."
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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
The effect looks amazing on curly and textured hair, too. This version falls more in the bronze family, which flatters her skin tone, says Tang.

And the best part? There's almost no upkeep. "The color doesn't fade and it looks good until it grows out," says Tang.
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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
What to ask for: Clean silver

"Sometimes you don't need extra," says Tang. "It's almost like a black-and-white picture, except for her face; it's timeless."

The secret to getting silver with this much depth? It's all in the layering. "It's like when you do your nails and you have a base coat and top coat," says Tang. "I go back in and coat the hair with a base coat and top coat to anchor the color."
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Photo Courtesy: @guy_tang
What to ask for: Icy mint

But sometimes you do want extra. And for that, this minty-fresh look fits the bill.

After toning and neutralizing the hair, Tang went in with #Mydentity Mint direct dye (coming later this year) and blended charcoal into the roots for a mermaid-from-Venice look. Yes, please.
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