How To Achieve Career Success In 2017, According To The Stars

For those already following Danielle Ayoka (a.k.a. MysticxLipstick) on Twitter, you’re more than familiar with her knack for honesty. She’s got a brilliant gift for calling out the nonsense of any sun sign in need of real truths.

The NYC-based Ayoka was 23 when she made astrology her day job. Before that, she was always reading charts for her coworkers and their friends, and her bosses encouraged her to do something bigger. Today Ayoka has more than 50,000 Twitter followers, and she’s built something of a spiritual support network on her website, where members can connect via message boards and have their auras and energies cleansed for a small price per month.

Ayoka’s success is inspirational, which is why we reached out to her for a little 2017 work and money advice — straight from the stars. Ahead, she shares the six astrological tips you should follow in the coming year to get your personal finances and career on track.

“With career, I always look at the Midheaven, and that is determined by your time of birth,” Ayoka explains. “I look at your North Node — or your True Node — and that is going to point more toward your purpose and where you’re trying to get to in this lifetime.”

Admittedly, finding your North Node can be a bit tricky (which is why having a solid astrologer like Ayoka can come in handy). But if you’re willing to map out your own birth chart, you can head to sites like Cafe Astrology and plug in the info, which can help steer you to your North Node sign. Which, for the record, represents your true calling and purpose.

Ayoka also looks at your Sun Sign, since that shows how you approach life in a more general way. (That’s the one you likely already know, BTW.)
“The new moon is the time to plant seeds of what you want to see come forth. It’s the time for growth and new beginnings,” Ayoka says. “The new moon is when you release what’s blocking you from getting those things. So whatever you want to see manifest in your life, you’ll want to [include them] in your new-moon ritual. That’s when you’ll start to see them come to pass — if you allow them to, if you don’t hold on to them super tight or put worry or fear on them and just let them go.”

January is a great time to focus on your career, Ayoka explains, because Capricorn rules the 10th House, which is the career house. “Some refer to Capricorn as the CEO of the Zodiac,” she says. The Capricorn new moon is absolutely perfect for career goals and manifesting the next level of your career.

And fortunately, the new-moon ritual is easy. As laid out by Ayoka on Twitter every month, it begins by you consecrating a journal (she tells you how, and you only need to do it once), where you write down your intentions, seal them, and then trust that the universe get the message. Which, admittedly, can be the hardest part. (Especially for Virgos like me, who want results immediately.)

Mark your calendar: The first new moon of 2017 is January 27.
So the key is not to keep your intentions bottled up. By writing them down, you release them into the universe, as well as the energy that goes along with them. But Ayoka warns against writing your intentions from a place of fear. For example, you don’t want to write, “I don’t want to get fired from my job.”

“You can see the negativity,” she explains. “You’re affirming that underlying fear and pessimism that goes into creating that thought.”

You’ll also want to make sure your intentions are written in present tense. “You always want to use very definitive statements, like ‘I am’ or ‘I have,’" Ayoka says. “Because that sends out the message to your unconscious mind that you already have it. When you say something in the future tense like ‘I will’ or ‘I’m going to,’ that sends out the message that you will or are going to — but that will never come because it’s like you’re always on the road to it.”
We’ll start the year off with Mercury in retrograde, but thankfully it will be over by January 8. There are some easy ways to protect yourself from the chaos that this can bring, Ayoka says.

“Don’t push your electronics too hard,” she warns. “Mercury in retrograde is famous for making electronics go crazy. Make sure you have autosave on, re-read everything you send out, confirm appointments. Just redo everything.”

But Ayoka argues this is a good thing about Mercury in retrograde: It allows us to review things we’ve previously done and go back and finish what we started.
Worried about money? Ayoka recommends carrying a piece of citrine in your wallet. Tiger’s eye is really good for careers, she says.

She also suggests taking abundance baths. “Put a green crystal and clear quartz in the bath water with you — just make sure the crystal you choose can get wet.”

Taking a crystal bath the night of the new moon will make the bath even more effective. You know where we’ll be on January 27.
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